Tuesday, January 20, 2009

pink bubblegum goo, inaugurations and insomnia...

yesterday morning, layla mentioned again that her ears hurt. so that, coupled w/ the neon green snot and the vomit-inducing cough won her an all-expenses-paid trip to the doctor's office. dual acute otitis. aka, both ears were infected. AND, get this, the doc said she had blisters on both her eardrums. BLISTERS! doesn't that sound awful? funny thing is, this was not one of those situations where it is clear as day that your kid has an ear infection (usually revealed in the middle of the night) and you start debating whether or not you can pump them full of tylenol and pray they last until 7:30am when you can call the dr.'s office and get the earliest available appointment, or if you have to go to the ER at O-dark-thirty. (btw, i'm sure my 'critics' will have a hay day with that last one, but oh well.) she really only mentioned her ears a couple of times, but never really complained or moaned or whined or cried about them like i would expect. we've done the whole ear infection thing in this house a number of times before, and i think i'm pretty good at spotting them. at any rate, they were indeed infected, as are her sinuses i guess, since the doc said she had puss in her nose. sounds gross to me, although i don't know how he could possibly see that past all the snot.

so that won us a ticket to the pharmacy.

life is pretty much back to normal today. normal mealtimes, nap/quiet times (micah did just sleep for an hour and a half... something that might be hanging over from residual sickness, or he just might be making it a habit! well, one can hope.) and subsequently, normal bedtimes of 7:30pm!!! just in case anybody was wondering....

shane was disappointed to have to leave for class at 9, and had i thought ahead, i probably would have excused him from it so he could continue watching the inauguration coverage. he was very interested in the past presidents in attendance and other important political-type people. i was pointing out the different presidents as they entered and when they were president and for how long. when i mentioned that bill clinton had been president for 8 years (2 terms), he wanted to know why it couldn't be longer than that. i explained term limits to him. he wanted to know why, being the president, he couldn't just change it and stay the president. i briefly explained the 3 branches of government, check and balances, and the concept of a dictatorship. i love these natural learning opportunities that arise from situations like this.

i'm thinking dave and i might want to partake in that 7:30 bedtime tonight as well. it seems both of us had trouble sleeping last night - something quite unusual. who knows.


  1. Oh poor Layla! Jeez she gets it bad:(
    Hope you ALL get through this quickly and if you need anything...just holla!

  2. Atleast Shane was interested. My kids barely noticed it was going on until I said something. They were more interested in how long I stood in line at the polls than the fact that history was made today.

  3. I'm glad that she is feeling better. :) Hopefully you will all be fully recovered soon.



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