Wednesday, January 7, 2009

nothing blog-worthy here...

i know it's been like a week! but i've had nothing really pressing me to sit down and write up a post. 

the weather sucks.  the snow is all gone except for what the snow plow pushed up along the sides of the road and a few lumps left of our snowman and igloo. now it's just pouring rain like crazy and half the state is flooded.

dave's parents were here for a while.  that was fun.  they gave the kids mario kart for christmas and we played a lot of that while they were here... that and wii sports.  papa gary was determined to catch up to shane's bowling score before he left... i don't think he made it.  the best was watching him and dave box each other.  HILARIOUS!

layla wept buckets when we dropped them off at the airport saturday night... we tried to cheer her up by going to dinner at the rainforest cafe.  instead, it totally freaked her out. 

on the way to the airport, i had noticed that my phone was totally screwed up.  i could see maybe a quarter of the screen and everything else was colors and all spidery.  so after dinner we spent like 5 gazillion hours in the at&t store and i wound up coming home with a new blackberry pearl.  it's red... you know, so when i set it down in the kitchen, it will match.

shane's back to school, but he's got some evil cough going on right now that's wearing him out.  layla is layla... going through a super-cute name-calling phase.  her best is inspired by the movie cars.  she likes to call either of her brothers a 'nodder'.  micah has been doing a lot of whole-hearted crying for no apparent reason lately (including right now)... teeth maybe?  who knows.  he's had 8 for what seems like forever and it does seem like he should be getting a few more at some point.

and i'm supposed to be putting away my christmas tree ornaments which are spread out all over the living room floor.  i feel like an idiot because i totally want to stop and go to bed.  but i did it on purpose so i'd have to finish putting them away tonight or the kids will come out and destroy them in the morning.  ugh.

so that's it.  maybe something interesting will happen tomorrow.

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