Friday, January 23, 2009


wednesday, i made chili and it always looks so yummy, i had to take a picture.

Picture 342


i just wish i’d taken a picture of it dished up in bowls w/ cornbread crumbled and cheese grated on top.  YUM!!!!  and i froze half of it, so we get it again w/ NO extra effort!  i so need a second freezer.


  1. I love chili and this one looks YUMMY! What meat did you use?

  2. that time i used gound turkey. sometimes i use ground beef... just depends on what's on sale and what else we've eaten that week. had tacos the night before so i wanted to have a little variety. i don't think it really affects the flavor. if you still have the moms club cookbook, the recipe's in there.



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