Wednesday, January 21, 2009

are you smarter than a kitchen appliance?

my name is rachel, i went to college for 12 years, and i am NOT smarter than a kitchen appliance.

i love my coffeemaker, BUT, it makes an idiot of me almost daily.


for christmas, my parents gave me a new coffeemaker.  they gave me a different one that i sheepishly tactfully told them i didn’t want and exchanged it for this one.  it’s great.  automatic shut off (a must for flakes like me), no carafe, programmable, keeps it hot, makes 12 cups (a big improvement from my tiny previous one that i loved, except when someone other than me was drinking coffee), you can dispense it with one hand into any size cup…  it’s great. 


it’s out to get me.

it really isn’t that complicated to use, but somehow i screw it up DAILY!

when you’re fixing to make some coffee, you measure the water into the part that it actually brews the coffee into.  then you (and this is crucial) pour it into the tank in the back.  you then put your filter in the basket, put ground coffee into the filter, put that on top of the empty (again, crucial) brewed-coffee receptacle (i really don’t know what that part is called, but it’s where the coffee is when it’s done) and close the lid.  then you push the ON button.  not too hard right?

fyi, when you forget to pour the water from the receptacle into the tank, the coffeemaker makes all sorts of horrible loud gurgling, sputtering noises and DOES NOT MAKE ANY COFFEE!  i don’t know why this is so hard, but i cannot seem to remember to do this!

also, if you grind your coffee, but leave it in the grinder and put an empty coffee filter in, you get fresh-brewed HOT WATER!


dave told me last night, after checking to see if i made it right and discovered that i had, of course, forgotten to pour the water into the tank, that the coffeemaker should come with a big warning in it.

**WARNING: in order to operate this coffeemaker, you must have had your coffee first!



  1. Your coffeepot sounds EXACTLY like ours...minus the out to get us part. Maybe you should take matters into your own hands and tape a warning on yourself. :)

  2. See, if you didn't drink coffee, you wouldn't have this problem.



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