Friday, December 5, 2008

yet another sign. it's a good one!

i know that at least mary and christie will appreciate this one...

Picture 026

it's the famous toilet-paper-tube-soldier ornament!  yup, that's a toilet paper tube, a styrofoam ball, some felt and some sequins and trust me, it would not be christmas without this ornament.  i made sure to hang it out of micah's reach since it could easily be destroyed by monkey-boy and dave would be devastated should anything ever happen to it.  these are they type of things that let you know that christmas is a family celebration, not something to be copied from a magazine.  gotta love it!  what ornaments do YOU have that fall into this category???


  1. I have to admit, soldier is not the first thing that came to my mind but once I read it, it clicked. I like how the brim of the hat partially covers the "eyes." It makes the soldier look very determined.

  2. Um... soldier. Right, I see it. Sort of. :)

    We have special ornaments too... all hung on the tree well out of four-year-old reaching capacity.



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