Thursday, December 4, 2008

today's sign of christmas

today's selection is: christmas books!  i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE children's books and i especially love our christmas books.  there are more than this, these just happen to be the ones that were on the shelf last night when i was furiously taking pictures.  i'm thinking of starting a tradition of letting each of the kids pick a new one out each year... most likely right after christmas, when they go on sale.  i love reading the same stories year after year...

Picture 027

oh, and related to yesterday's, shane and layla both have their own "big" advent calendars that they are each in charge of.  i'll probably take pictures of them and post them later.  i suppose next year, micah will need one.  supposedly, dave is in charge of the nana calendar, but i think he's only opened up one so far.


  1. do you only bring these books out at Christmas or are they out all year?



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