Monday, December 22, 2008


i learned something about myself today.  well, i realized something about myself. 

i hate it when things get all wet.  hard surfaces mostly.

i realized this just now, when i went into the bathroom where layla had spent about 5 minutes 'washing her hands' earlier.  the counter was completely covered with water, and to wipe it up, i had to pick up all the things that were on the counter and dry them off too.  grrr.

i remember as a kid, sharing a bathroom with my mom, that i despised having to use the sink after she'd been in washing her face.  i don't know what it is she does while washing her face, but she splashes water EVERYWHERE!  all over the sink, faucet, counter, mirror... i hated having to turn on the faucet when the knobs were already all wet. 

i'm not crazy about getting into a shower that someone has recently gotten out of.  it would be my preference to always have the first shower (and not just so i won't run out of hot water).

it drives me bonkers when someone either doesn't put a mat down or doesn't put it all the way to the corner (where all the water runs out of the shower) when using the shower and there's a puddle that i discover later.

while i like swimming, i HATE pool decks and even worse, pool locker rooms.  they disgust me.  i get the heebie-jeebies walking around in my bare feet in all that cold, gross water that has been sitting around on the floor.  if you want to see me get all neurotic, just watch me trying to navigate a locker room and trying to get in and out of my shoes, swimsuit, clothing, etc, without putting my bare feet on the floor or let any of my clothes or towel touch the floor.

i hate washing oversized items in the sink like big pots or cookie sheets that cause lots of water to wind up all over the counters.  and i ALWAYS have to wipe up around the sink after i wash dishes because the only thing worse than a wet counter would be a wet counter with possible food goo!  (my food goo aversion in a whole other post!)

i don't know exactly what it is, but this whole standing water on hard surfaces thing disgusts me.  weird, huh?  i know.  i have problems.  but i freely admit it!  that's a good sign, right?  i'm on the road to good mental health!


  1. Andrew hates standing water. If there is standing water on dishes they have to be washed again, but I'm right there with you when it comes to my feet touching standing water and pool areas. YUCK!

  2. Wow...a lot of mental stuff going on today then Rachel! I can totally appreciate where you are coming from with regards to the locker rooms at the swim pool...GROSSES me out too!, Especially...the toilets in the swin changing rooms EEEWWWwww, wet toilet seat, toilet tissue on the floor and god only knows what else, then having to pull up a wet swim suit...ok I need to stop! Gross!

  3. I am TOTALLY with you Rachel! I HATE standing water in the house...the WORST is in my kitchen...or rather "the dog's room" anytime she comes in or out (even on a perfectly dry day!) she tracks water in and all over the wood floor...THEN she goes and gets a drink of water and slobbers ALL over the place!!! GROSS! It is SOOOO nasty when you accidently step in one of those slobber puddles (especially after you have just put on a pair of nice clean socks!) If our dog wasn't so sweet she'd be gone for these reasons alone! I'm glad to know I'm not the only puddle freak in this world!!! HA HA

  4. and i thought i was the only neurotic one!



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