Sunday, December 7, 2008

just a little something extra...

so mary had mentioned the other day that her kids were having fun 'decorating' the christmas tree which was up, but bare, and she kept finding random little things stuck in the branches.  well, the decorating elves have apparently struck my house too.

as i was sitting in the chair tonight, settling micah down, i was gazing at the tree and trying to place one of the ornaments i was seeing on a lower branch.  it looked vaguely like a sheep, but was too far away to really see, and i was going through a mental inventory of our millions of ornaments trying to remember if we had a sheep ornament.  but then i put micah to bed and started cleaning up and totally forgot about it.  i cleaned up the dining room and kitchen and, although i forgot to take a 'before' picture, i did remember the 'after', and it now looks like this:Picture 039

trust me, it was HORRID before.  dishes, pots and pans, etc.  so then i moved onto the living room, which looks like this:Picture 042

as soon as i finish this post, i'm right back in there, and hopefully i'll have an 'after' pic to post later.  as i was picking up the kids' nativity set, i noticed it was missing a lot of the figures.  so i started looking around and noticed this in the tree: Picture 044 hey, isn't that a shepherd?  but wait, there's more:Picture 045 it couldn't be... a sheep?

Picture 048 and the dog...

Picture 049 another sheep???

Picture 051 hey, isn't that joseph?

Picture 054 MOOOOOOO......

Picture 053 and face down in the branches is a wise man...

Picture 055 and another shepherd. apparently they've had a rough night.

mary, baby Jesus, and an angel were under the tree, so who knows where they started out.

okay, i'm off to finish cleaning.  that tickled my funny bone, so i had to take pictures. 

have the decorating elves struck your house yet???


  1. how did you get the weather bug widget on your blog?

  2. if you click on the one on my site and go to the weather bug site, you will find a thing on the left side that says something like 'desktop applications'. if you click that, you'll get to a page called 'weather products'. click on the one that says 'for web and software developers' (yes, that's you - betcha didn't know that about yourself). then, below that, you'll see a couple options. select the top one that says, 'get the free web widget code'. that will take you to a page that gives you options of which one you want. you want the 180x150 one. the 250x250 is too big. then you have to give them your info to get the code. once you get the code, copy and paste it into a 'html/java script' gadget on your customize layout page of your blog.

  3. Where is the after?? Also, from the other post...skinny dipping? Really?



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