Monday, December 1, 2008


so dave and i had a whole lot of fun tonight at micah's expense. well, that sounds bad. it's not like he was miserable because of it or anything, he just happened to be the one providing the entertainment. we had finished watching an episode of Gilmore Girls and were still sitting in the living room. he was on the floor and had gotten ahold of my cell phone. we noticed that he was holding the phone and kind of pointing it in the direction of the tv. then he would put it down and then pick it up and point it at the tv. holy cow, he was trying to use it as a remote. i mean, it's not too much of a stretch... it's flat, rectangular and has buttons on it. so i discreetly motioned to dave that he should turn on the tv next time he did it, just to mess with him. so he did. he was thrilled! and started walking around, pointing the phone at the tv, and dave kept turning the tv on and off. then he started changing channels. it was hilarious!

it's so funny when you see a kid micah's age immitating motions we go through every day without thinking about it. it makes you think how ridiculous we must look a lot of the time. here we are, pointing little devices at our tv's. or the time when he he took the phone, held it up to his ear and started opening and shutting his mouth, that was pretty funny too. little sponges they are.

i started thinking about phones and remotes and all the things you can do with phones these days. wouldn't it be great if you could get a phone that could control your tv? and open your garage door? etc, etc? then again, it would suck when you couldn't find it... or your kid took it and hid it... or you dropped it in the toilet...

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