Monday, November 24, 2008

are you sure that's MY kid?

this is how micah went to sleep last night...

Picture 127

i've always heard that there were kids like this.  the kind who would just lay down and go to sleep when they were tired, but they were sort of mythical to me.  certainly, my children were never THOSE kids.  oh no, mine fight it until the last second, forcing themselves to stay awake, being cranky and fussy and grumpy until sleep is IMPOSED upon them by someone else.  but this is what micah did last night.  dave and i were watching tv and i noticed him stop playing and lay down.  i didn't figure it was a big deal because he's done that before when he was tired, but never actually fallen asleep.  but he stayed there.  he would pick his head up and look around every once in a while, and then he started doing the little-kid-sleeping-position with his butt up in the air and his head on the ground.  pretty soon he quit moving.  it was kind of tempting to just cover him up and leave him there, but really, who wants to sleep face down on ugly green carpet.  so we put him in bed (and removed the spoon from his hand) and he stayed.  man, i wish he would do that every night!  so low maintenance!  maybe he can teach layla how to do it too!

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