Thursday, October 30, 2008

preschool dropouts

layla and i have officially dropped out of preschool.  i say that we have, one, because it was a co-op, and two, because it wasn't working for me as much as(if not more than) it wasn't working for her.  there's a whole slew of reasons, but mainly, it was too far away, i had too many other places to be, and layla was getting totally wiped out and was VERY unpleasant to live with.  so we're quitting and we'll try to find someplace closer to home next year. (i'll try my best to be less neurotic picky then.)  she's only 3 and we've been missing our MOMS club friends a lot, so hopefully we'll open up some more time for that stuff and a little extra money every month to blow at gymboree pay bills with.

1 comment:

  1. There are still open slots at the boys' preschool if you're inclined... two days a week for two hours each time. Great teachers... e-mail me if you're interested. :)



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