Thursday, October 30, 2008

our trip east for hannah's baptism

last friday, we headed out (at 0darkthirty) to illinois for hannah's baptism and a big fat gathering of family.  micah came with (cause he's free), but shane and layla stayed here w/ my folks because they're not.  they were most definitely missed, but they took good care of their grandparents and layla got to paint every day so she was happy.

Picture 094

Micah was excited to help pack.  notice the super-cute train sweater-vest in the bag.  dave came home from work that day with a gymboree bag and said, 'i got you a present'. i had been eyeing that since i first saw it and i can't find any pictures of micah actually wearing it (he wore it sunday to church), so i'm pointing it out in the suitcase.  i know, i'm a dork.Picture 115

tons of fun bonding with uncle matt.Picture 127

the 'non-lame baptism gift' we got for hannah.  this little bracelet is so tiny. it's got blue crystals on it for her september birthday, pearls and a little silver cross pendant.  i was SO happy to find it.  totally not lame!  and totally beautiful.  it came from

Picture 129

hannah with her godparents, us and auntie esther - mary's sister.

Picture 130 

parents and godparents.  apparently this was joe's first baptism.  how cool is that that it was his own kid?!


  1. Looks like Reformation Sunday with all the red?

    Looks like you had a great time... glad you're back safely.

  2. you are a good lutheran, aren't you?!

  3. i meant to say, "you ARE a good lutheran..." gotta make sure the emphasis is in the right place.



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