Wednesday, October 15, 2008


when i was a kid - a little kid - i was scared of helicopters. if i heard one going over, i'd run to my mom yelling, "HOLDME!HOLDME!HOLDME!" i believe that, for a while, helicopters came to be known as "hold me's" in our house.

layla has developed her first irrational fear. (well, other than the imaginary lions she liked to pretend to be afraid of.) she's afraid of helicopters.

i can't say it's completely unwarranted. yesterday evening, we were sitting here in the house when a helicopter went over our house. it was very low, and very loud. i thought it was pretty exciting. well, it apparently scared the crap out of her because she spent the rest of the evening very close to either dave or myself and kept repeating, "i didn't like that." she mentioned it again this morning, but i figured she'd forget about it since she's never been afraid of anything. she was fine all day, but we were out all day. as soon as we got home, hello neurotic! i have never been followed so closely in my life! she would not go anywhere in the house by herself.

oh well, at least it's only at home that she's afraid... and hopefully she'll forget about it soon or we'll have to start finding a lot more interesting places to go!

in other news, our day was not entirely fruitless. i managed to find a pair of shoes for micah. i have found myself in an odd prediciment with him lately. because he's not walking, i hadn't thought too much about shoes. he wears the robeez all the time and i totally love them, but they're not exactly outdoor-safe shoes. he spends a good share of his time on his feet, and wants to get down when we're out at a park or shane's soccer game or whatever and the robeez aren't quite cutting it. but what do you buy for a kid in this position. i didn't want anything too stiff, nor did i want something designed specifically for walkers because then when he crawls on them it will ding up the tops of them and they look bad. so i finally found this:

they're from stride rite and they're so soft and flexible - barely shoes! but they have the rubber sole so they're perfect for our lovely northwest weather around here. and they'll still work when he actually is walking. they're the 'early walker' line - i believe it's new. i love them. i went to nordstrom first (because there were a lot of customers and only one employee at the stride rite store) and this very nice young man helped me out and sized him and even watched over our stroller while i appeased layla by taking a trip down the escalator and then back up again - things you can't do with a double stroller. but they only had 2 styles of these shoes and both were brown. i really wanted blue because most of micah's clothes are blue right now and because he's having his pictures taken on sunday and he'll be wearing navy pants (so picky, i know). so i felt bad after this guy had been so helpful, but i went back to the stride rite store and bought them there. i did apologize to him. seriously, i felt bad.

layla also has a cute new 'laylaism'. i discovered today that she calls elevators "alligators". it's pretty cute and this nice lady we met on our way out to the parking garage said that she was going to ride the alligator too instead of taking the stairs. funny funny.


  1. I love that my kid isn't the only one that calls elevators ALLIGATORS, for the longest time Sara was scared of the "teeth" (aka the little gap of light that you can sometimes see when getting on and off) and she would need to be carried on and off...but now she just hops over the teeth into the "tummy"! HAHA

  2. Layla would have hated the house we lived in in Tennessee. We lived only a couple miles from an army heliport. The house shook on a regular basis. It didn't phase Joey at all, but I'm sure if Mackenzie had been around, we'd have had issues.



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