Wednesday, October 8, 2008

does home ec even exist anymore?

my last post got me thinking about how i somehow missed 'learning' all of those things which are essential in running a successful home. i'm wondering who dropped the ball on this (because, i can't possibly take responsibility for my own shortcomings here). i guess traditionally, one learns these things from their parents. i suppose i did learn a lot of my domestic skills at home. for example, the husband is supposed to eat the leftovers in the fridge. when making a bed, the 'top' of the top sheet goes down so that when you fold the edge over the blanket, the 'top' side is then up. why this matters when you are just going to cover the whole thing with a pillow and comforter is totally beyond me. but that's how you do it. so yes, my mother taught me how to iron, do laundry, clean a toilet, etc. my dad taught me how to plant a garden, mow a lawn, appreciate baseball, etc.

and then there's home ec. do people still take home ec? i took it in junior high. i can't say i really learned a lot of essentials in that class... although it couldn't be considered a complete loss. i made a strawberry pie, learned how to write a check, and sew a pair of mc hammer pants. all very important in modern, day to day homemaking.

so here's what i want to know. where is the class that teaches you how to fend off clutter? to cook a thanksgiving dinner? to carve a turkey? to organize your garage? to hem pants yourself? to get dinner on the table for everyone when your husband has class and your son has soccer practice and your daughter is falling asleep because she wouldn't take a nap? to keep your closet organized? to pick up the same bucket of toys off the floor for the 5th time in one day? all without losing your mind, your patience, or your cool?! i'd so sign up for that class.


  1. I believe they taught that at Wellsley (sp?) back in the 1940's. Or in "finishing school". I guess we've all decided in our feminist world that we no longer need to learn these things. Thing is a lot of us (men included) could get something out of a class like that.

  2. I think now they call that HGTV, Food Network and Martha Stewart. :)

  3. i wonder the same things myself. I google it. Thank God for the internet. What did our mother's do?

  4. I find duct tape is invaluable... True dat, though. When am I going to get to the point where I feel competent to handle everything my day, wk/mo/yr throws at me?

    I think SAHMs back in the day called it "Valium"...



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