Tuesday, October 21, 2008

but i wanted beans!

i have discovered something amazing.

until recently, layla would never eat green beans. well, she used to, and then a little more than a year or so ago, she started pulling them apart and eating the seeds out of them, leaving the rest. yeah, i know she's weird. then she quit eating them all together. she would just leave them on her plate.

well, a couple fridays ago, we were having our pizza and beans and something prompted shane to pull these 'trainer' chopsticks out of the drawer. i've had them for a couple of years - i think i found them at a thrift store and thought they were cute and the kids could use them when we had chinese food. but we'd all kind of forgotten about them since we rarely eat chinese food (which makes me sad). so everyone got really excited about these and layla used them to eat every last one of her beans that night. dave and i exchanged some raised eyebrows as lightbulbs were illuminating above our heads.

last night i made chicken sandwiches and green beans for dinner. as soon as layla saw the green beans, she got very excited about choosing her chopsticks and even asked for seconds and then thirds of the beans.

so tonight, we didn't have green beans.


she was very disappointed and even though i offered to let her try to eat her dinner with chopsticks, she pretty much ate nothing.

note to self: if not serving green beans, make sure to serve something (other than goopy rice casserole) that can be eaten with chopsticks!

here they are:

i got mine second hand, but i've seen them at one of those independent toy stores, and i found this pic on amazon, so you can obviously get them there and they're pretty cheap. they're plastic, dishwasherable (you know what i mean), and super easy to use. we have a giraffe, elephant, and camel, but there are lots of different animals you can get.


  1. OOOooooo love those chopsticks...must get some!

  2. i saw them previously at tree top toys in redmond. not sure if they still have them. but you could buy them individually there, as opposed to in a set of 10 like on amazon.

  3. that's awesome! haha well, maybe you found some good bean utensils. having her use them when she eats veggies is a great idea.

  4. They are like 4.99 new. We sold them where I used to work. Zoe just started liking beans again. We're all done with dinner and she wants more beans. "beans beans beans"



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