Friday, September 26, 2008

you're not living until you've bathed in your own excrement

micah pooped in the tub today.

he was in there playing and i was attempting (unsuccessfully) to do something with my hair. i looked over and saw more than toys in the water. aagghhh!!!

bath was followed immediately by a shower.

on the upside, i discovered a new use for the 'massage' setting on the hand held shower head. it works great as a sort of pressure washer for cleaning that poop which has been stepped and/or sat on (and therefore plastered) in the tub before you noticed it was there.

oh, yummy yummy.

and that was just the start of my day.

after that we all went to the doctor's office and now i'm waiting for shane to finish eating so i can take him to the ymca and then i can haul the others around while i run some errands.

i'm sure micah will be in a spectacular mood for the rest of the day since he had two shots. poor kid.

okay, i'm off to herd kids into the car (again) and see what other fun incidences await us for the rest of the day!


  1. Zoe smiles when she does that. YUCK

  2. Mackenzie actually went through a whole stage of that.She had the pooping in the potty issues, so when she got into a nice warm tub, she'd relax enough finally to do her business. We tried to out smart her, stick her on the toilet a few minutes after getting in the bath, but she was too smart for that one. That was a fun period of time. The massager on the removable shower head was my friend.



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