Monday, September 22, 2008

someone googled this stuff and found me!

these are as is... spelling errors and all.

how to use a bathroom scale
seriously? how hard is it? if you want step by step instructions, read this.

washing machine doesn't empty
bummer dude

rachel's restroom
i seem to remember someone predicting, when i was in high school, that i would go into the portable restroom business some day...

"locks of love"
because i'm totally the authority on that sort of thing. my hair is still in a ziplock bag waiting to be mailed.
i think you typed this in the wrong place

does 2 year old talk with imagination
is there any other option?


diapers to bed
well, considering the other option... yes, please!

imagination and 2 years old
once again. 2 year olds do like to use their imaginations.

loose change in my washing machine
what priceless wisdom are you looking for here? how to get some? where did it come from? what to do with it? duh!

rachel joe brenda blog
i'm thinking of changing my name...

the one with the evil orthodontist, rachels comment about the sink
right... i assume we're talking about 'friends' here because i don't remember commenting about the sink. toilets? yes, that was me.

rachel's blog ohio
sure, why not.

Orange Juice, bladder problems
you mean you pee your pants uncontrollably too?

Clearly, it's indicating you should wave your hand when the ultrasonic waves okay, that's kind of spooky. dawn is that you trying to figure out where your funny comment ended up? right here.

blogspot "locks of love"
again? well, there must be some blog devoted to locks of love and google seems to think it's mine. sorry folks.

rachel random blog viaduct -abalone
well yes, i admit it can be a bit random... but not that random.

2 year old talk with an imagination
yes, i think we've established that they do.

irritated bladder for kids
see? my kid's not the only weirdo!

hand foot mouth disease preschool
i know i'm picky about preschools, but i'm pretty sure i don't have to visit that one to know i don't want to send my kid there. maybe they should consider a name change.

"we all want to know what you learned today"
only if it's entertaining or at least mildly interesting. otherwise, keep it to yourself.

how to clean marinara sauce off of the carpet
because clearly, i'm the authority on that. but then again, i have green carpet so i really don't care what you spill on it.

fix bathroom scale
you mean it's broken because it's telling you that you weigh more than you want it to? that's easy. throw it out the window. in my experience, most scales are broken.

mastitis in the armpit?
bummer dude. i hope you won't have to go to the ER the night before the 4th of july.

hand foot mouth "no fever"
i'm sorry, the fever is an admission requirement of the preschool.

goodbye ed
i agree.

biodegradable plastic horn
because the nonbiodegradable variety is just not eco-friendly enough for me. ??? anyone? beuller?

hey jojo
or maybe jude?

how use to bathroom scale
well, if you're that used to it, then you shouldn't have to google it.

laylas feet
are just fine, i believe. thanks for asking?

my baby has hand foot and mouth when will she get back to normal
if she's anything like my kids, then, never. but that has nothing to do with the hand, foot and mouth. hey! i know of this great preschool where she'll fit right in!

rachel ramblings
well, yes i have a tendency to...


  1. How do you learn that people are finding your blog when googling? Is there some kind of code to put in?

  2. i use statcounter. it's an invisible gadget on your blog and then you can access your account through their website and see how many people have been to your blog and where they came from.

  3. I don't think you realize how funny you are...there is a reason you got that award with the moms club...then again, maybe I just like your humor...maybe that's why I married you.

  4. I got a cameo in your googled titles! Am I lucky or what?



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