Tuesday, September 2, 2008

or not

a camping we will not go.

so we went down to portland on sunday. we got to willamette park where my aunt and uncle's 50th anniversary party was and had a great time... in the rain. there was wind and thunder and lots of downpours. fortunately we had a covered picnic shelter and everything was fine. but that got us thinking about sleeping in a tent in all that. so we wimped out and stayed with my cousin, barb (and fam) instead. it turned out to be loads of fun and we're eternally grateful for the invite that bailed us out. i missed it, but apparently the state park we were to be camping at was on the morning news yesterday, covered in huge puddles. shane especially had lots of fun with his cousin elsa. they bathed 4 mice, a standard poodle, and a cat. how's that for good old fashioned family fun. layla followed her cousin anna (14) around the whole time and helped her clean her room which layla was kind enough to point out was 'messy'. i'm sure micah appreciated being able to crawl around and explore rather than being cooped up while we tried to keep him from drowning in puddles. so all in all it was a success. thanks barb!


  1. It's kind of a bummer to have your plans change like that but sounds like you had lots of fun anyway. Maybe next year you can do the camping thing again.



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