Thursday, September 18, 2008

nothing significant here...

so i haven't posted in awhile because, honestly, i've had nothing to talk about. shocking, i know. preschool seems to be going fine. monday was our first drop-off day, and she did totally fine. wednesday was more of the same. today was my day to stay and that went well too, although layla was a little off today. i think she's worn out. 3 days of preschool, plus we spent all day tuesday at playgroup. i'm looking forward to staying home tomorrow and doing big fat loads of nothing. that is, unless she's getting sick. there were 6 kids gone from class today. i know one had a cold and one had stomach flu (ick ick ick) and the rest were unaccounted for. well, stomach flu girl has a twin sister, so she stayed home as well. so everyone is either sick or just worn out. 3 days is a lot for a bunch of barely 3-year-olds at the beginning of the year. layla is currently napping. i lifted the no-nap ban today because she just really needed it. i'll have to make sure i get her up by 2:30 at the latest of we'll pay for it tonight. probably still will, but there's no way she would have made it to bed time today.

i also realized what a big dork i am while at preschool today. when i got dressed this morning, i put on jeans and a mustard-colored t shirt. a little later, i was getting clothes for micah and i grabbed some gray sweatpants and the only shirt in the closet that i thought would look good with them (i know, that sounds ridiculous since we're talking about sweatpants here... but the other choices were gray and i didn't want him to be ALL gray). it's yellow and has some green and gray print on it. then layla was looking at this pack of new hairclips i bought yesterday and trying to decide which ones she wanted to wear today. she finally decided on the yellow ones. so i pointed out that she had 2 yellow shirts that would match them. so she chose one of those. later on i noticed a theme. hi! we're dorks! we like to match! i just IM'd dave at work to ask if he was wearing a yellow shirt today, by any chance. thankfully no, and i'm not sure what shane's wearing today, since he spent the night at my parents' house. if he shows up this afternoon wearing yellow my retinas might start to bleed!

make sure you look at the recall post below. what an absolutely horrible thing. i really wonder how these things make it past product testing and onto the market.

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