Monday, September 29, 2008

micah's first word.

are you ready for it?


not very profound, i know. but he goes around pointing to stuff going, "this?" and then he'll point to something else and go,"this?" it's pretty cute. (and yes mary, reminiscent of lily. we're working on 'that'.)


i'm taking shane to the doctor today. he's been having some random bouts of feeling like he's goint to throw up. he never does, but it's usually been at night and i'm getting tired. today's the first day he's felt bad during the day, but he was awake for a couple hours last night and today he said he wanted to go to the doctor and find out what's wrong with him. so we're going.


i don't know if i ever mentioned that we finally got layla's doctor to refer us to an allergist. YAY! so now we've been in the holding pattern of trying to make an appointment and being unable to because they don't have all the info they need from her doctor. grrr. i'll harrass him today about that if it hasn't been sent over yet.


dave and i finally got out for our anniversary on saturday night. we had a hilarious dinner at the cheesecake factory (that's a whole other post), and i wound up doing a little shoe shopping since we were right there at bellevue square. i finally replaced my brown shoes!!!! i actually had to buy two pairs because i couldn't decide. i needed to see them with my jeans (i was wearing a dress at the time). so i have successfully picked a pair and need to take the others back.

i think they're cute, and they're actually really comfortable. one more thing off the big fat to do list!


  1. It's always exciting to hear that first word until you hear it a million times a day, every day and then you begin to wish that they never started is that for encouraging??

  2. that is exciting, a first word and a new pair of shoes. Which store did you get them from. I love them. Very divine!

  3. I love the shoes. You always take a while to make up your mind, then I'm envious of what you come home with. And first words, wow! I'm always torn between precious and growing up too fast. Especially with Joel knowing he's it.



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