Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i heart gymboree

the 11th commandment:

thou shalt not covet the incredibly cute but ridiculously expensive clothes that thou seest on thy computer, unless thou desirest to be dissatisfied with thy financial position in life and ungrateful for all the many blessings which have been bestowed on thou and thy family.

but oh, i love gymboree clothes! i long to dress my children entirely in cheesy matched outfits that coordinate with everything else in their closets. oh, how i want to purchase all the cute hair accessories and shoes that go with the coordinated outfits. ::longing sigh:: why can't it be free? or at least reasonable? i want to get a job there. but when?

i recently splurged on my new niece and bought her the most incredibly cute outfit at gymboree. check her out on mary's blog.


  1. I agree...Gymboree is wonderful! I have always loved it and troll the clearance racks religiously. When Lily was a baby I bought tons of stuff on clearance for the next year and am now out of the habit. Hannah got lots of "what a cute outfit" comments today! Thank you so much!

  2. We call Gymboree "Granny fodder" at our house. She's the only one who can afford that stuff!



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