Saturday, September 6, 2008

"here's your fifty bucks!"

the other night at the end of dinner, layla grabbed some 3x5 cards that i have chores written on and said to me, "here's your fifty bucks!" right on! so dave and i had an amusing conversation about the severe lack of motivation in our house when it comes to chores. we were speculating about how great it would be if, upon completion of a given chore, the thing you just cleaned or finished doing would automatically pay you. i said that we would ALWAYS get our chores done then. my example was that as soon as i finished scrubbing a toilet, you would push a lever (which toilets conveniently come with already) and it would spit out a $50 bill at you! wouldn't that be great? dave said that if it came out of the toilet, i wouldn't want it anyway...


  1. I'd take the $50 and run it through the washing machine. Wait... would that make it $100? ($50 from the clean biffy and $50 for a load of laundry?)

  2. that's a great philosophy... i've so got to invent this!

  3. I've been wondering when you are supposed to start with the allowance. She already does the chores but she's doing them because they are fun. I know that's going to stop soon

  4. hahaha louise! that's really really funny because those are MY chores written on the cards.



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