Saturday, September 20, 2008

good thing they're cute...

don't you love it how your kids have a tendency to SPOIL EVERYTHING!

last night, dave and i had planned to go out for our anniversary (which was on the 5th). we didn't go then because the kids had finally passed the hand foot and mouth disease to me and i wasn't feeling too hot. so we postponed and were planning for last night. we even decided to make it an excuse to get dressed up. so dave went to work wearing suit pants and a dress shirt. he even had a tie with him to put on later. (those of you who know my husband will have to pick yourselves up off the floor now.) apparently he took a lot of razzing at work about it too. someone asked him if he had a job interview. another called him fancy pants. i was looking forward to wearing a dress i bought last january and have never worn, along with my hooker boots tall black boots. we were going to eat at the cheesecake factory, which i have never been to, and who knows what else.

layla has a little cold. not a big deal, she woke up snotty yesterday morning but was pretty much herself most of the day. then, when we were driving back from picking shane up at the Y, she starts crying and saying her stomach hurts really bad. she was all slumped over and holding her stomach and practically moaning. i was so afraid she was going to throw up in my car. well, we made it home and i made her lay down. she watched some pbs cartoons for about an hour and a half, and spent a good share of that time whining and complaining about her stomach. this was at around 4 and i was supposed to meet dave at the bus at 5. and i hadn't showered yet. grrr. so, long story short, we wound up having to call it off. my parents weren't thrilled about babysitting with the prospect of having to deal with vomit, and i wasn't sure how i was going to manage to get ready anyway. but, of course, she perked up, felt fine and wound up staying up until 9 watching america's funniest home videos. what a spectacular night!

so, i guess we'll try again later. maybe for our 25th or something.

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