Monday, September 29, 2008

micah's first word.

are you ready for it?


not very profound, i know. but he goes around pointing to stuff going, "this?" and then he'll point to something else and go,"this?" it's pretty cute. (and yes mary, reminiscent of lily. we're working on 'that'.)


i'm taking shane to the doctor today. he's been having some random bouts of feeling like he's goint to throw up. he never does, but it's usually been at night and i'm getting tired. today's the first day he's felt bad during the day, but he was awake for a couple hours last night and today he said he wanted to go to the doctor and find out what's wrong with him. so we're going.


i don't know if i ever mentioned that we finally got layla's doctor to refer us to an allergist. YAY! so now we've been in the holding pattern of trying to make an appointment and being unable to because they don't have all the info they need from her doctor. grrr. i'll harrass him today about that if it hasn't been sent over yet.


dave and i finally got out for our anniversary on saturday night. we had a hilarious dinner at the cheesecake factory (that's a whole other post), and i wound up doing a little shoe shopping since we were right there at bellevue square. i finally replaced my brown shoes!!!! i actually had to buy two pairs because i couldn't decide. i needed to see them with my jeans (i was wearing a dress at the time). so i have successfully picked a pair and need to take the others back.

i think they're cute, and they're actually really comfortable. one more thing off the big fat to do list!

Friday, September 26, 2008

you're not living until you've bathed in your own excrement

micah pooped in the tub today.

he was in there playing and i was attempting (unsuccessfully) to do something with my hair. i looked over and saw more than toys in the water. aagghhh!!!

bath was followed immediately by a shower.

on the upside, i discovered a new use for the 'massage' setting on the hand held shower head. it works great as a sort of pressure washer for cleaning that poop which has been stepped and/or sat on (and therefore plastered) in the tub before you noticed it was there.

oh, yummy yummy.

and that was just the start of my day.

after that we all went to the doctor's office and now i'm waiting for shane to finish eating so i can take him to the ymca and then i can haul the others around while i run some errands.

i'm sure micah will be in a spectacular mood for the rest of the day since he had two shots. poor kid.

okay, i'm off to herd kids into the car (again) and see what other fun incidences await us for the rest of the day!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i heart gymboree

the 11th commandment:

thou shalt not covet the incredibly cute but ridiculously expensive clothes that thou seest on thy computer, unless thou desirest to be dissatisfied with thy financial position in life and ungrateful for all the many blessings which have been bestowed on thou and thy family.

but oh, i love gymboree clothes! i long to dress my children entirely in cheesy matched outfits that coordinate with everything else in their closets. oh, how i want to purchase all the cute hair accessories and shoes that go with the coordinated outfits. ::longing sigh:: why can't it be free? or at least reasonable? i want to get a job there. but when?

i recently splurged on my new niece and bought her the most incredibly cute outfit at gymboree. check her out on mary's blog.

Monday, September 22, 2008

someone googled this stuff and found me!

these are as is... spelling errors and all.

how to use a bathroom scale
seriously? how hard is it? if you want step by step instructions, read this.

washing machine doesn't empty
bummer dude

rachel's restroom
i seem to remember someone predicting, when i was in high school, that i would go into the portable restroom business some day...

"locks of love"
because i'm totally the authority on that sort of thing. my hair is still in a ziplock bag waiting to be mailed.
i think you typed this in the wrong place

does 2 year old talk with imagination
is there any other option?


diapers to bed
well, considering the other option... yes, please!

imagination and 2 years old
once again. 2 year olds do like to use their imaginations.

loose change in my washing machine
what priceless wisdom are you looking for here? how to get some? where did it come from? what to do with it? duh!

rachel joe brenda blog
i'm thinking of changing my name...

the one with the evil orthodontist, rachels comment about the sink
right... i assume we're talking about 'friends' here because i don't remember commenting about the sink. toilets? yes, that was me.

rachel's blog ohio
sure, why not.

Orange Juice, bladder problems
you mean you pee your pants uncontrollably too?

Clearly, it's indicating you should wave your hand when the ultrasonic waves okay, that's kind of spooky. dawn is that you trying to figure out where your funny comment ended up? right here.

blogspot "locks of love"
again? well, there must be some blog devoted to locks of love and google seems to think it's mine. sorry folks.

rachel random blog viaduct -abalone
well yes, i admit it can be a bit random... but not that random.

2 year old talk with an imagination
yes, i think we've established that they do.

irritated bladder for kids
see? my kid's not the only weirdo!

hand foot mouth disease preschool
i know i'm picky about preschools, but i'm pretty sure i don't have to visit that one to know i don't want to send my kid there. maybe they should consider a name change.

"we all want to know what you learned today"
only if it's entertaining or at least mildly interesting. otherwise, keep it to yourself.

how to clean marinara sauce off of the carpet
because clearly, i'm the authority on that. but then again, i have green carpet so i really don't care what you spill on it.

fix bathroom scale
you mean it's broken because it's telling you that you weigh more than you want it to? that's easy. throw it out the window. in my experience, most scales are broken.

mastitis in the armpit?
bummer dude. i hope you won't have to go to the ER the night before the 4th of july.

hand foot mouth "no fever"
i'm sorry, the fever is an admission requirement of the preschool.

goodbye ed
i agree.

biodegradable plastic horn
because the nonbiodegradable variety is just not eco-friendly enough for me. ??? anyone? beuller?

hey jojo
or maybe jude?

how use to bathroom scale
well, if you're that used to it, then you shouldn't have to google it.

laylas feet
are just fine, i believe. thanks for asking?

my baby has hand foot and mouth when will she get back to normal
if she's anything like my kids, then, never. but that has nothing to do with the hand, foot and mouth. hey! i know of this great preschool where she'll fit right in!

rachel ramblings
well, yes i have a tendency to...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

good thing they're cute...

don't you love it how your kids have a tendency to SPOIL EVERYTHING!

last night, dave and i had planned to go out for our anniversary (which was on the 5th). we didn't go then because the kids had finally passed the hand foot and mouth disease to me and i wasn't feeling too hot. so we postponed and were planning for last night. we even decided to make it an excuse to get dressed up. so dave went to work wearing suit pants and a dress shirt. he even had a tie with him to put on later. (those of you who know my husband will have to pick yourselves up off the floor now.) apparently he took a lot of razzing at work about it too. someone asked him if he had a job interview. another called him fancy pants. i was looking forward to wearing a dress i bought last january and have never worn, along with my hooker boots tall black boots. we were going to eat at the cheesecake factory, which i have never been to, and who knows what else.

layla has a little cold. not a big deal, she woke up snotty yesterday morning but was pretty much herself most of the day. then, when we were driving back from picking shane up at the Y, she starts crying and saying her stomach hurts really bad. she was all slumped over and holding her stomach and practically moaning. i was so afraid she was going to throw up in my car. well, we made it home and i made her lay down. she watched some pbs cartoons for about an hour and a half, and spent a good share of that time whining and complaining about her stomach. this was at around 4 and i was supposed to meet dave at the bus at 5. and i hadn't showered yet. grrr. so, long story short, we wound up having to call it off. my parents weren't thrilled about babysitting with the prospect of having to deal with vomit, and i wasn't sure how i was going to manage to get ready anyway. but, of course, she perked up, felt fine and wound up staying up until 9 watching america's funniest home videos. what a spectacular night!

so, i guess we'll try again later. maybe for our 25th or something.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

nothing significant here...

so i haven't posted in awhile because, honestly, i've had nothing to talk about. shocking, i know. preschool seems to be going fine. monday was our first drop-off day, and she did totally fine. wednesday was more of the same. today was my day to stay and that went well too, although layla was a little off today. i think she's worn out. 3 days of preschool, plus we spent all day tuesday at playgroup. i'm looking forward to staying home tomorrow and doing big fat loads of nothing. that is, unless she's getting sick. there were 6 kids gone from class today. i know one had a cold and one had stomach flu (ick ick ick) and the rest were unaccounted for. well, stomach flu girl has a twin sister, so she stayed home as well. so everyone is either sick or just worn out. 3 days is a lot for a bunch of barely 3-year-olds at the beginning of the year. layla is currently napping. i lifted the no-nap ban today because she just really needed it. i'll have to make sure i get her up by 2:30 at the latest of we'll pay for it tonight. probably still will, but there's no way she would have made it to bed time today.

i also realized what a big dork i am while at preschool today. when i got dressed this morning, i put on jeans and a mustard-colored t shirt. a little later, i was getting clothes for micah and i grabbed some gray sweatpants and the only shirt in the closet that i thought would look good with them (i know, that sounds ridiculous since we're talking about sweatpants here... but the other choices were gray and i didn't want him to be ALL gray). it's yellow and has some green and gray print on it. then layla was looking at this pack of new hairclips i bought yesterday and trying to decide which ones she wanted to wear today. she finally decided on the yellow ones. so i pointed out that she had 2 yellow shirts that would match them. so she chose one of those. later on i noticed a theme. hi! we're dorks! we like to match! i just IM'd dave at work to ask if he was wearing a yellow shirt today, by any chance. thankfully no, and i'm not sure what shane's wearing today, since he spent the night at my parents' house. if he shows up this afternoon wearing yellow my retinas might start to bleed!

make sure you look at the recall post below. what an absolutely horrible thing. i really wonder how these things make it past product testing and onto the market.

bassinet recall

just doing my part to help make sure everyone knows about this recall. if you have one or see one at a garage sale or second hand store, make sure the sellers know they are recalled.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

some details on our new niece

joe put a post up on mary's blog w/ info and pics of new baby hannah! click here!

a new niece!

we have a new niece! hannah was born this morning... i think some time around 7am central time. don't have a lot of details yet, but we're very excited. dave told layla as soon as he got off the phone with his mom.

dave: layla, you have a new cousin!
layla: why?
dave: aunt mary's baby was born.
layla: oh.
me: lily has a little sister now.
layla: but i have an owie so i can't go there.

not entirely sure what she was getting at there, but i'm sure she has no idea what to do with the news. i just love the way kids react to stuff.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


why is everything a finding nemo reference lately???

layla had her first day of preschool today. she had a lot of fun, made friends with a girl named lauryn and even told grandma all the stuff she did with pretty good detail. monday is the first day she goes all by herself, but i think she'll do fine. (although she told me this morning that she would be mad if i left.)

here she is having her breakfast.

posing by the rose garden outside the church that houses her preschool.

hanging up her coat and backpack.

afterwards... just running.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

what are my excuses?

for some reason my to do list has been giving me dirty looks lately. i've done a few things off of it, and i feel good about it, but it's seeming really daunting. maybe the things i have decided i want to do or should do aren't so realisitic. i don't know. so i've decided to address what my excuses are for not doing the things on the list. maybe by writing it down i'll be more motivated to overcome those excuses by realizing how stupid they are...

-buy new brown shoes - okay, that's easy. i've got no money right now. aside from that, i've tried on lots of pairs of shoes and haven't found any that were particularly comfortable.

-buy new filter for steam cleaner - non-emergent purchase. however, the next time someone pukes on my carpet, i'll really be wishing i had done it. maybe i should move that up on the priority list... ::knocking on wood::

-buy new running shoes - no $$

-buy shane's bear book - well, this involves going to one of my least favorite places - sir plus - with 3 kids. not horrible. doable. i should just get it over with next time i'm out and about. oh! maybe i'll go next monday when i take layla to preschool, then i'll only have to take one kid! check back with me next week.

-choose, print, frame, hang pictures in hall bathroom - ugh. this requires $. it could actually probably be done fairly cheaply and without too much headache. i already know the general type of pictures i want so i just need to sort through the files on my computer and find them and then order them. shouldn't be too hard.

-chop logs - HAHA this is totally dave's job. ask him why he's not doing it.

-clean carpet - this is just a very involved thing that means that furniture needs to be moved and the floor will be wet for days. yuck. what a pain. and besides, i would need to get the filter for the steam cleaner first. but it sooo needs to be done.

-clean off peninsula - i wish all the surfaces in my house were vertical. then nothing could be a clutter trap like my kitchen peninsula. i've started this project many times recently, but never managed to finish it. probably because i don't know what to do with half the stuff on there. do you have this problem? does it seem like most of the clutter in your house is clutter simply because you have no idea what to do with it? what are you supposed to do with it?

-clean off shelf in layla's closet - well, this wouldn't actually be too hard. it's got a bunch of floor puzzles that are still a little too hard for her, some other puzzles that i put up there when i needed to put them away for some reason, a few other toys that she's outgrown and micah isn't quite ready for... so that's not a huge deal. that stuff can stay. on the other side, there is my huge box of photos and doing something with them would check off like 5 other things on this list, but that's another story. there's also 1 crate and one small pile of random stuff to sort through. i hate sorting.

-clean off top of fridge - well, that shouldn't be too hard. there's not a ton up there right now. maybe i'll do it tonight. or tomorrow. or sometime soon. check back.

-clean out gutters - i want this to be dave's job.

-clean out my closet - ugh. this would involve dealing with my 'pile'. you know. the clothes you take off at night that aren't dirty so you don't put them in the laundry, but you've worn them so you don't hang them back up. i've always had a 'pile'. it used to be on this old ugly green chair i had in my bedroom at my parents' house. but then my mother got rid of that chair (grrr... i loved that chair). now it's on the floor of my closet. there's probably a bunch of other random stuff too, like clothes for micah that are still too big. what do you do with those? i never know. they're there waiting. it would be a waste of space and hangers to put them in the closet now, but i don't know what to do with them.

-clear out junk along house in backyard - i don't even know where to begin with this one. there's old rotted wood, a bunch of metal pipe-type things - some with large chunks of cement attached to the ends, some old dog toys... just a bunch of stuff that was here when we moved in. a lot of the stuff is too big to go in the trash can.

-dig weeds and grass out of garden - this requires a chunk of time that i just can never seem to find. i hate getting into my grubbies and going out and getting all dirty and sweaty digging this stuff out, only to have some kid require my attention 5 minutes later. that drives me nuts and doesn't seem worth it. plus, it seems kind of futile because the stuff just keeps growing back.

-do something about shane's room - another overwhelming task. shane's room is a pit. there is no organization. he has all these neato lego creations and there is no place to put them. besides, when they're no longer completely intact, what do you do with them. you don't want to just dump it all into the big lego bin because then it's all just mixed in. but how do you store all these millions of different 'kits'? anyone out there have a good idea? i want to be able to have these things safe from the little ones because he works hard on them and gets really mad if they get messed up. i have no idea what to do about this.

-find a non-lame baptism gift for our godchild to be - well, i'm starting to come to the conclusion that there isn't such a thing. christian bookstores have all the same old stuff. any good ideas? not you mary.

- finish harry potter series - okay, this is doable, but just requires time. i want to do this and i think i made a great stride today by sitting down and reading a novel that i've been waiting for from the library all summer. i'm setting a good trend here.

okay, well i think this is long enough for the time being. i'll do another installment some time later.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

star wars sacrilege

the other night at dinner (why do all of my funny anecdotes seem to start with those words?) layla looks at dave and says, "oh daddy, you have a dancing girl on your shirt!"

dave was wearing the star wars t-shirt i had given him a couple birthdays ago. it looks something like this:

you know the poster...

so we kind of laugh, and i point to leia and say, "you mean her?" and layla says, "no mommy, not that one. the other one."

the only other 'person' on the shirt is luke.

yeah... we're still recovering from that one.

what you're missing out on if you don't have kids...

as we're backing out of the driveway on our way to church this morning, this is what we see:

door hanging open...
flag up...

so is she trying to gift the mail carrier? or did that just seem like a good place to stash a rock?

the things they come up with...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

"here's your fifty bucks!"

the other night at the end of dinner, layla grabbed some 3x5 cards that i have chores written on and said to me, "here's your fifty bucks!" right on! so dave and i had an amusing conversation about the severe lack of motivation in our house when it comes to chores. we were speculating about how great it would be if, upon completion of a given chore, the thing you just cleaned or finished doing would automatically pay you. i said that we would ALWAYS get our chores done then. my example was that as soon as i finished scrubbing a toilet, you would push a lever (which toilets conveniently come with already) and it would spit out a $50 bill at you! wouldn't that be great? dave said that if it came out of the toilet, i wouldn't want it anyway...

Friday, September 5, 2008

it's all sorted out...

okay, with a little juggling and me feeling a bit sheepish and overwhelmed for a couple of days, we are back where we started with the whole preschool thing. layla will be going to the original co-op i signed her up at, 3 days a week. kat said she can still watch micah - at least until her baby arrives. but that gives me a couple of months to figure that out. yay. i feel relieved and i'm glad my flaky self was able to work this out. so my stern warning to anyone who has or ever intends to have children: do not get a degree in or study child development or early childhood education. it turns you into a total psychopath and makes it impossible to choose a preschool for your children. just now in this situation, i would love to just be a normal person for a while.

in other news. i'm now sick. i though i was safe from this whole hand, foot and mouth thing, but i guess i'm not. apparently my mom was wrong about me having it when i was a kid, or this is a slightly different strain and i've still got it. oh joy! the sore throat i complained about is still there, and i'm pretty sure it's just sores in my throat because that's what shane had and it doesn't feel like a normal sore throat. and yesterday i started getting spots on my hands and feet. it's great. they're like little blisters. very small, but it feels like i grabbed a cactus and stepped on one too. loads of fun. but i don't seem to have the fever that the kids (and dave) had and i'm really grateful for that. fevers suck.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

my throat hurts...


i am in the midst of a typical, rachel-ish, last minute dilemma of ridiculous proportions. it has to do with preschools. i won't bore you with the details because it will make your head spin. i know mine is.

why, oh why did i ever get that stupid degree???

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

or not

a camping we will not go.

so we went down to portland on sunday. we got to willamette park where my aunt and uncle's 50th anniversary party was and had a great time... in the rain. there was wind and thunder and lots of downpours. fortunately we had a covered picnic shelter and everything was fine. but that got us thinking about sleeping in a tent in all that. so we wimped out and stayed with my cousin, barb (and fam) instead. it turned out to be loads of fun and we're eternally grateful for the invite that bailed us out. i missed it, but apparently the state park we were to be camping at was on the morning news yesterday, covered in huge puddles. shane especially had lots of fun with his cousin elsa. they bathed 4 mice, a standard poodle, and a cat. how's that for good old fashioned family fun. layla followed her cousin anna (14) around the whole time and helped her clean her room which layla was kind enough to point out was 'messy'. i'm sure micah appreciated being able to crawl around and explore rather than being cooped up while we tried to keep him from drowning in puddles. so all in all it was a success. thanks barb!


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