Tuesday, August 19, 2008

some people completely baffle me

so yesterday morning, i was forced to get up very early and go wait around the YMCA to sign shane up for his homezone class. after sitting around for like 45 minutes in which time i filled out forms, drank coffee, tried to keep from dozing off, drank coffee, tried to read a book, and drank more coffee, they finally called my number. i gave them my forms and a check and they signed shane up for the proper day, etc. yay. one more thing done.

on my way out, i noticed a beautiful classic VW bug. now, being a bug enthusiast, i took a minute (or 5) to do a walk around and check this bug out. it wasn't in perfect condition, but pretty close. it was red, late '60s i'd say. maybe '67 or '68. it looked something like this:

but without the fancy hubcaps. i checked out all the places that i had 'issues' with mine and typical trouble spots. there was no rust to speak of. no bubbles under the paint near the chrome. the interior was fabulous! and... there was a box of stuff on the floor in the back seat, so i can only assume it doesn't leak! my bug took on so much water you would think i would need to bail!

so as i'm galking at this car, i was apparently standing in an empty parking space next to it. not that this should have been a big deal. but behind me i heard a horn honk. i didn't think much of it, but then i thought it might be someone i knew trying to get my attention. so i looked up. no one i knew, but a woman in a white minivan who was looking at me like i was the biggest pain-in-the-butt on the planet and how dare i stand in a parking space. she does this little "move along now idiot" motion with her hand at me and i quickly walked away toward my car. now it's not like i was parked a mile away or anything and let me just say that i passed at least 4 open spaces on my way to my car! so then i start getting all mad. eventually, i started to find it a little funny. especially when, as i was driving away, i passed another space, even closer to the building, just on the other side of this bug i had been looking at.

so seriously. what was this woman thinking? it's not like it was costco on a saturday morning. the lot was full of other spaces! but she had to have that one. and then i was thinking about it some more and thought what i would do - if i were at costco on a saturday morning and the lot was full, not at the ymca at 9am on a monday - and i most certainly wouldn't honk my horn at someone. that's just plain rude. i think i might put my window down a little and say 'excuse me' or something like that.

geez. the manners of some people!

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