Saturday, August 9, 2008

sludge anyone?

so i had a dinner disaster this week. it actually spanned 2 nights. i found a recipe online for black bean and bacon soup. it sounded good, so i decided to make it. on wednesday. so i soaked the beans over night and all the next day and late that afternoon, i started putting the soup together. everything was going fine until it was time for the soup to be done and the beans were still almost crunchy. huh? i think they left out a lengthy 'simmer' part of the directions on the recipe. so we made a mad dash into town and had a lovely dinner at taco del mar. on thursday evening, i put the pot back on the stove to simmer some more. i was noticing that the excess simmering was causing the soup to look really thick, so i added a little more broth to it, especially since the final direction of the oh-so-trustworthy-internet-recipe said to put it all in the blender and puree it. so when the beans were sufficiently not crunchy, i spooned the stuff into the blender and pureed away.

it looked disgusting.

it looked like something that mike rowe would be scraping out of the bottom of a containment pond on 'dirty jobs'.

it looked like something that i knew i wasn't going to have much luck getting my family to eat.

i spooned it into bowls (still a bit thick) and waited for the comments to start.

shane: i am NOT going to eat that!
me: it looks gross, but it tastes good.
shane: no, i don't think so.
me: quit complaining and help me put the bowls on the table.

layla took one look and ate her bread

dave was polite, but i could tell by the questioning look and the skeptical raised eyebrows that it wasn't going over well.

i did manage to get everyone to eat a little. well, layla was bribed to eat one bite. shane ate about a third of his before announcing that he really didn't like it. dave ate about half before he gave up, citing the fact that the 'texture gets really old after awhile'. i made a good effort, because it really did taste good... but alas, was unable to finish - something along the lines of what dave said.

micah liked it!

come on, you would eat that? right?


  1. looks delish...hey, how is the playroom coming? I don't remember if I asked you that recently or not. Let me know.



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