Tuesday, August 19, 2008

more sickness... more insanity

so this time it's layla who is sick. she woke up whiny today and i eventually became compelled to take her temperature. yup. she's sick. she said her throat hurt and then later she said her ears hurt. well that's a free ticket to the doctor. so we got her an appointment at 4:30. great. well, not exactly. we had a logistical dilemma of epic proportions. dave was at the dentist. we still only have one working car. the dr's office is in bellevue. shane had soccer practice at 5:30 back here in woodinville. so we tried to make it work. it didn't. dave finished with his dentist appointment around the time i was leaving to take layla (and shane and micah, because really, that was my only choice) to her appointment, so i picked him up (fortunately, the dentist is in redmond, which is on the way) and we all went to the dr. i took layla in and dave took the others to a swim shop to get shane's new goggles - yeah, we still hadn't managed to find those. so layla and i sat in the waiting room for like 45 minutes. at 5, i called dave and told him he better just take shane to practice because there was no way we were going to be done in time for him to get there at all. but then he was going to have to come back to bellevue to get us, and somehow get back to woodinville to pick up shane. in an hour. during rush hour traffic. right.

well that wasn't going to happen, so dave worked it out with the coach and our neighbors that the coach would bring him to the neighbors' house when practice was over. as it turned out, we beat them and coach was able to bring him directly here... fun times. we so need to get the toyota running.

oh, layla has.... wait for it.... a virus.

good grief. her ears are fine, but her throat is red and she's got a bunch of little ulcer things on the insides of her mouth. tylenol and fluids.


  1. How are your kids always sick? I just don't understand. Our poor girl. Give her a big hug and kiss from us and let her know that we are thinking about her. :(

  2. uuuhhh, cuz kids get sick sometimes. i don't think it's too outrageously often. it's not like yours never get sick. mine seem to be able to come up with stuff at odd times (or at the least convenient times...) layla's always gotten sick way more often than shane ever did... i think part of it is him bringing stuff home. he's always had an iron immune system - until recently. so i think he just passes the stuff on to her. the more kids=more sickness.



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