Sunday, August 17, 2008

a few things that have tickled my funny bone this evening.

3 year old logic is great!

layla was in the backyard today and she came up to the door with her lightning mcqueen bike helmet in her hands and said to me, "when i break my lightning mcqueen helmet, you better get me a princess one." (yes, mary. i am aware that my worst nightmare is unfolding before me.)

dave brought home dairy queen treats when he went to pick up our pizza this evening. layla was very excited about this and wanted hers as soon as she was done with her pizza. we informed her that she had to eat her green beans first before she could have it. she's not so fond of them lately and made a little stink about not wanting to eat them. but we stuck to it and said she had to eat them first. so she turned to me and said, "mommy, you eat my beans so i can have my ice cream."

then there was this conversation:

layla: daddy, i want some blue jelly beans.
dave: you don't need any jelly beans.
layla: but i want some blue jelly beans!
dave: no, layla.
layla: mommy, i want some blue jelly beans. (we were all right next to each other.)
me: layla, did daddy just tell you no?
layla: yeah, but i want some blue jelly beans.
me: then why are you asking me?
layla: because i want some blue jelly beans!

eventually she gave up on both the ice cream and the jelly beans and decided she was going to have another piece of pizza. i was aware of this and she was in the living room with everyone else (well almost everyone else) so i wasn't too concerned about it. but then i heard a strange noise behind me in the dining room. i looked over to see micah sitting, happy as a clam, in front of the rest of the pizza which was sitting on the floor, picking off the olives and eating them. "layla! did you put the whole pizza on the floor?!" "yeah."

and fyi. the anti-bladder-irritant diet has been working wonders. we went from like 5 accidents a day to maybe 3 in a week. and then we decided to reintroduce chocolate. more accidents. i'm not totally convinced of the accuracy of this, because the experiment was a tad tainted. she got ahold of some dried pineapple in a trail mix the other day, and this morning she ate a strawberry. but she has eaten a fair amount of chocolate in the last 4 days so i'm afraid that might be something. poor girl! i hope this is something she'll grow out of.

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