Sunday, August 17, 2008

an eventful weekend

so it's not quite noon on sunday, and already we're totally wiped out. it's been outrageously hot here (for seattle) and it seems like stuff always happens all at the same time. here's just a short rundown, beginning friday afternoon.
1. went to target to buy new goggles for shane - they were out.
2. while at target, layla fell out of the shopping cart. yes, i know. mom of the year, right here!
3. she was okay.
4. went over to sports world since we had to go order shane's soccer shirt anyway. they didn't have any goggles, but i did get his shirt ordered and got him some black shorts and socks. practice starts tuesday this week. aaaaggghhh!!!
5. when we got back in the car, layla managed to get her fingers smashed in the car door.
6. again, she was okay.
7. went to the ymca for shane's swim test. he borrowed some goggles, and tested at fish level... impressive since he finished in june at minnow. he was stoked about that.
8. went to kat's birthday party that night where i 'got my drink on' with some yummy pre-mixed jose quervo margaritas. thank you to my mil for introducing me to these!
9. we stayed til 10!
10. the kids still got up early. ugh!
11. dave went to work on saturday morning.
12. i loaded up kids and brownies later on and went to pick him up and head to west seattle to lincoln park for dave's company picnic.
13. we took our lives in our hands and drove southbound on 99 on the viaduct. (you will only get that if you're from around here.)
14. there was not an earthquake, so therefore we did not have the top of the viaduct collapse on us and squish us, and therefore cause us to die.
15. we got to lincoln park, found a great parking space and went to the picnic. it was fun.
16. dave played football on the beach. a bunch of people in flip flops, playing football on a rocky beach, that slopes significantly toward the water, and is lined on the top side by driftwood and the bottom side (obviously) by puget sound. is this a good idea?
17. layla threw rocks in the water.
18. shane and i joined her - even trying to invent a new olympic event; synchronized rock throwing. it was about as impossible as the synchronized diving. why do they even try?
19. we decided to go get on a ferry and rode to vashon where we walked off and discovered that there was nothing within walking distance but a mexican restaurant and the dog poop that dave stepped in.
20. we got on another ferry and rode it to southworth. disembarked and got back on, rode it back to vashon and then back to west seattle.
21. our car was not towed even though we parked there way longer than 4 hours.
22. we got home to find a box on our porch w/ birthday presents from gramma and papa. yay!
23. we opened the box and trashed the living room.
24. shane, dave and micah went in the pool.
25. we opted for sandwiches instead of cooking anything that would make the house even hotter.
26. after dinner, we ate a lot of jelly bellys. thanks gramma and papa!
27. we watched michael phelps win his 8th gold medal.
28. after like 48 hours of attempts, 3 kids finally went to sleep.
29. around 4am we had some sort of mid-west style, heat-related storm. lots of thunder and lightning w/ no rain to speak of.
30. the kids slept through it, thank goodness!
31. i did not and was awake for about 2 hours.
32. we got up and left for church late.
33. we got there late. duh.
34. we discovered as we pulled into the parking lot that the service was being held outside.
35. there were no extra chairs.
36. we went to the nursery and the kids played.
37. apparently the power had been out so they decided to do church outside.
38. we came home and dave fell asleep.
39. shane went out to play.
40. micah went to sleep.
41. i made a pizza.
42. i ate some pizza and micah woke up.
43. dave is still asleep...
44. i wish i were asleep.

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