Thursday, July 17, 2008

my blog is boring!!!

and everyone else's is too... with the exception of holly who just had a baby, so that's exciting in and of itself. so you'll notice i've taken to posting links to blogs of people i don't even know. i don't know what it is right now. it's like i have nothing interesting to say... at least not when i have a chance to sit and post it. i'll be walking around thinking about stuff i should write about, but then i can never remember it.

so... i guess i'll do a brief update. my boob is just fine now, thanks. layla's party went off without a hitch. had a ton of people and little kids here on sunday afternoon, although we spent a small fortune on food and decorations. i did end up cutting layla's hair... like 4 inches or something. yes, it was traumatic (for me), but she didn't mind a bit and doesn't scream nearly as much as she did when it's time to brush it. and i'm willing to admit that it does look pretty cute. micah is 9 months old today and now has his 4 top teeth as well as the 2 on the bottom and crawls for real... like on his hands and knees, not commando style anymore. he pulled up on the coffee table 2 days ago for the first time. so basically nothing is safe anymore. there are now the tell-tale stacks of magazines and other random junk that usually resides on the coffee table up on higher pieces of furniture now. what else... shane's party is next tuesday. darn summer birthdays; had to wait for his 2 best friends to be back from trips so they could actually come. he's having a pirate party. should be fun... and another small fortune on decor and food. i'm looking forward to the breadstick sword fights.

in other news... my parents have taken it upon themselves to turn our backyard into a playground... or maybe a 3 ring circus. for the kids' birthdays, they got them this:

and this:

and yesterday, they showed up with this, for my birthday: we are deciding if we really want it... the kids are lobbying to keep it... we probably will, i just don't want it to be a big hassle or added expense... and i'm a little afraid that the water won't get warm enough for the kids to want to use it enough to make it worth having it. it's 12' by 30", so wide, but not deep. hmm. decisions, decisions. if we do keep it, i'm just going to get an air mattress and float all day!

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