Friday, July 11, 2008

july is a stressful month!

ahh. it's that time of year again. birthday season! 3/5 of our family was born in july. today is layla's birthday - tomorrow is shane's. and then mine's in a week or so, but who cares about that! this whole back-to-back birthday thing is quite the ordeal. and we're not actually even having parties on the actual birthdays! layla's party is on sunday which means that poor shane is going to have to deal with us running around and picking up supplies and cleaning up on his birthday. so fun! not to mention, we're such pathetic procrastinators, neither of the kids' presents will be here on their birthdays because we flaked on getting them ordered in time. actually, i thought i could find layla's in a store, but found out yesterday that that wasn't possible... so had to buy it online. grr... next year we'll be on top of it! (yeah, right.) we're off at some point today to pick up our free slurpees at 7-11. at least that's one cool thing that layla will always be able to count on on her birthday!

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