Friday, July 25, 2008

i must be a horse... right?

...or a cow, pig, chicken, sheep or any number of other farm animals. i've come to this conclusion because at least two of my children (still waiting to see about the 3rd) were apparently BORN IN A BARN! now i don't remember giving birth to any of them in a barn, but the process of childbirth does weird things to you and i've about 'laborland' that people enter while preparing to give birth and perhaps 'laborland' is actually a barn. they exhibit the characteristic behavior - the inability to shut doors. seriously, how hard is it to shut a door? very hard apparently. i couldn't possibly count how many flies are buzzing around in our house at any given time because of this. oh well, what we lack in the absence of disease-carrying insects we make up for in air circulation! right?

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