Saturday, July 19, 2008

hey jojo wha'da'ya say...

... we all want to know what you learned today. if you've got kids + disney channel, you probably recognize this. at the end of every episode, they ask jojo the clown what she learned and as she starts to tell, this song starts and chaos ensues while a stage is set up around her and finally ends as the spotlight shines on her and she tells everyone what she learned that day. so, what did i learn today?

1. rocks don't float in the bathroom sink. but if you put them in a small plastic cup, they do.
2. just when you thought that showering was bad enough as a team sport, it turns into a spectator sport as well.
3. 2 3rd grade boys can put on a pretty funny show in a trampoline. but i still don't know what a "to-a" is.
4. july 19th does not, apparently count as 'early july' to the people renovating the playground at grasslawn park.
5. my oldest son is a spider.
6. my youngest son is a fountain.
7. my daughter's ideal breakfast is coffee and broccoli.
8. and in the infamous words of shane, "they're doing this new thing on saturday mornings now where they show a bunch of cartoons."

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