Friday, July 18, 2008

birthday presents in action

shane and layla on the trampoline... yes, she had to jump in the princess dress. it's more fun that way, apparently.
dave and shane in the trampoline... bigger kids get bigger air!
layla w/ her new fishing set. she would get impatient if she couldn't catch a fish the right way immediately and she would grab it with her hand, stick it on the end of the fishing pole and then pull it right off again and put it in the bin, followed by, "i caught one!!!" well, sort of...
the 2nd hand car my parents found for her? where? i'm not sure. but she likes it. so does shane. he's found a way to play with it even though he's not allowed to drive it. so far he's strapped her tricycle to the top with bungee cords, attached the wagon to the back (also with bungee cords) to make a trailer, loaded up the 'cargo area' with 'stuff they might need', and pushed her all over the yard and neighborhood, calling on neighbors. can we say dennis the menace?
shane driving his new rc boat. the description on amazon called this a 'blazingly fast speed boat'. we knew that was the one for shane. this is at the bellevue downtown park. they have a great pond... i figured that would be a good place to try it out because if it got out of range or ran out of battery charge, it would be a small wade to rescue it, rather than having to jump in the lake.

layla's water table. micah likes it too. he's just started pulling up and this is the perfect height.
shane's fuzzy john deere taggy from gramma jackie. he hid as soon as he saw the camera.
layla's hsm taggy.

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