Wednesday, July 30, 2008

fevers and coughs and irritated bladders, oh my!

yes, i know it's summer. my kids don't seem to though, because it seems that they are still managing to get sick! yesterday layla started coughing like she was going to die and tonight i discovered that shane has a fever. joy. he said he woke up with a headache this morning so i gave him some motrin and he seemed to be better and did normal, lazy, summer stuff (mainly he watched tv, took a really long time doing his chores, and picked on his sister) until wyatt got home and then he went over there and played for awhile. he came home saying he was really cold and i told him to put on a sweatshirt - it's not a particularly nice day. before dinner he said his headache was back and he was particularly unwilling to get up off the couch to come eat. when he finally did get there, he said he felt fine, other than the headache, but he was freezing and he had that kind of doped up look to his eyes so i figured i ought to take his temperature. 101.3. oops. i guess he's sick.

layla doesn't seem too bad today, but i did learn something very interesting and hopefully helpful today. last week i took her to the dr. to find out what's up with her urinary problems. she leaks, she has accidents over and over again, she'll pee like 5 times in an hour, etc. etc. so they wanted a sample which came back fine so the dr. referred us to a pediatric urologist. i called today to try and get and appointment and was told that i had to talk to the nurse first - so i left a message. they guy called me back rather promptly and i told him why we'd been referred there. he told me that they don't see kids for wetting problems until they're at least 5 or 6 and before that they don't consider it anything more than potty training issues. great. but he didn't totally dismiss me and was giving me some pointers on things i should do to help her since he said it sounded like she was developing a 'dysfunctional voiding pattern'. wow. don't want that! basically, she has to pee every 3 hours during the day, even if she goes in between then. still, every 3 hours she's on the pot. then i asked him if i was crazy or if there could be a connection with stuff she drinks or eats? i've noticed that it seems to be a lot worse after she's had juice. she pees like crazy all day long. and he said, that no, i'm not crazy, that's actually a really big thing. he asked if she drank apple juice and orange juice. well, duh. he said that those juices are most likely irritating her bladder which is causing her to have to pee lots and not be able to control it very well. he said there were other foods that can cause this too and he emailed me a list of foods that commonly irritate the bladder. apple juice was the first one on the list. apples, grapes, canteloupe, strawberries, pineapple, citrus fruits and juices, chocolate, tomatoes and tomato sauces, caffeinated or carbonated drinks, vitamin c, pickles spicy foods and artificial sweeteners can all cause bladder irritation. who knew? so we're supposed to avoid all these things for 2 weeks and if she does better, then we're supposed to add things back 1 at a time to see if she reacts. just like checking for an allergy. this ought to be fun considering layla's fruits of choice are apples, grapes and strawberries. i think that will be the biggest problem there. i don't let her have soda, so that's not an issue, same with artificial sweeteners, she doesn't like pickles or spicy food. the juice thing will probably be a little bit of an issue, but it'll be just one more thing to be mean about. not sure what to do about pizza either... but i'm so excited that this might be the cause of her problem. now if we can just find what foods are causing her skin issues and shane's attention and learning issues.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

another bathroom rant... and other fun stuff...

i don't think i'm going to go to a restaurant, or any other public place for that matter, until ALL of my children are shane's age. since i'm sure that pretty much everyone who might happen to read this blog (like all 3 of you) have young children, you can probably relate. i cannot fully express how completely inconvenient and disgusting it is to have to take a little kid to use a public toilet. first of all, let's face it, most public restrooms are dirty and gross. unless i really can't, i hold it. however, when the 3 year old with the pea-sized bladder and a tendency toward leakage has to go, you have to take her. so first of all, the first thing layla does when we walk into a stall is put her hands all over the toilet. 'keep your hands off the toilet.' then she turns and grabs the little garbage receptacle on the wall, invariably sticking her fingers just under the door flap and says, 'what's this.' 'it's a garbage can. don't touch it it's icky. please pull your pants down.' at this point i've already lost my patience with the situation, the stall walls are closing in on me and my shoes are making squishy noises in the puddle of ??? on the floor. 'why is there dirt in that drain on the floor?' she says as she bends over, reaching to point it out to me. i grab her hands as fast as i can. 'because it's on a bathroom floor and bathroom floors are very dirty. please don't touch the floor. PULL YOUR PANTS DOWN SO YOU CAN GO POTTY please.' so by now, i've completely lost what was left of my patience and as she starts exploring the flushing mechanism to see if it's a button, a lever or the kind that flushes automatically, i grab her pants, yank them down to her ankles and heave her up onto the toilet, which is huge, by the way, and she nearly falls in. of course, she grabs onto the sides of the toilet seat to hold herself on. at this point she looks up at the ceiling and, remembering that public restrooms often echo, she starts singing. not a song. just a tune that generally resembles 'twinkle twinkle little star' (or the ABC song, or bah bah black sheep - whichever is your title de jour since they're all the same tune) but with loud, staccato, somewhat explosive 'BAH' sounds - i guess because she's done an extensive study on what sounds echo best and that one takes the cake. 'layla, please just go potty.'

let me pause here and ask a question. what is the purpose of the split in the toilet seat? you know, right there at the front? i can't, for the life of me, figure it out... unless it's 1)to ensure that very small children's legs and/or hands touch as much of the disgusting, hair covered, pee encrusted toilet rim as possible or 2) to make sure that, even if her pants and underwear were dry when we went into the bathroom, they will inevitably wind up wet because this particular seating arrangement causes her to pee straight out, rather than down, over the edge of the toilet and directly onto the pants she's wearing around her ankles. good grief. can it get any grosser? wait, we still have to wipe, flush, pull up our now wet pants, and wash our hands. today i had the great privilege of taking layla to the bathroom to poop. twice. the high quality toilet paper there is the thickness of vapor, while having the texture of a splintered 2x4. what a great combination. i think i smeared more than i wiped. i quickly flushed which of course prompted the 'but i wanted to flush it' whine. 'you can flush next time. now let's go wash our hands!' 'no. i don't need to wash my hands.' 'OH YES YOU DO!'

the handwashing thing is a whole other story. how hard would it be to have a stool in there? i can't imagine that mine is the only child in the world who has to use the bathroom. but no, i have to heave her up on my knee, and hang her over the edge of the wet, gross sink and somehow turn on faucets, get soap (which is installed a mile away from the sink) 'rub, rub, rub! make LOTS of bubbles. no, don't touch that!' and turn off faucets, all while balancing on one leg. i grab her a paper towel, which is also up high and start to sigh in relief as i'm reaching for the door but, 'layla, keep your hands off the garbage can!'. seriously. is it just a fact of nature that she MUST put one hand on the garbage can while throwing something into it?

now do all of this with a baby strapped to you. it's even more fun that way.

in other news...

we put the pool up yesterday. shane and layla splashed around in it while it was filling, but when it was about 1/2 full, dave kicked them out so he could put the chemicals (ick) in. after dinner, the water was still cloudy and the test strip indicated that the chlorine level was still high, so they couldn't swim. same today. although i can't imagine why they would want to swim since it's the worst weather we've had in over a month. it seriously rained last night and it's like 62 out or something. but then again, i'm not shane. this is my obsessive boy. the only reason we actually put the pool up yesterday was because he was going crazy having it just sit there in the box, not being used. well, now that it's actually up, it's even worse that he can't use it. of course he can't come up with anything else to do today, so he's bored and grumpy and has been threatened with something horrible (being strung up by his toes, i think) if he keeps asking about it. i realize it's disappointing, but the kid will not let things go. seriously. i think he's asked at least once a day since he was about 4 if we can get a boat... or rather 'why can't we get a boat?' the answer is the same every time, but for some reason, he needs to keep asking. grrr.

the other day i was doing some weeding outside and layla came over and noticed some moss growing on a stump. she thought it was grass and i told her it was actually moss, but either way, it's totally irrelevant. i kept pulling weeds and she went into the house for a second and came back out with my comb and started combing the moss. huh? i asked her why she was using my comb and she said 'because i need to get the grass off the stump'. (well, obviously.) i took the comb away amid much whining and crying and put it back in the house. where did she come up with that?

for her birthday, layla got some playdough supplies from a couple different sources. very cool tools and such which she's very excited about. the other morning as the kids are eating breakfast, shane says, 'a lot of people are giving layla playdough'. layla replies with, 'a lot of people are giving me somersaults'. hello random!.........

Friday, July 25, 2008

i must be a horse... right?

...or a cow, pig, chicken, sheep or any number of other farm animals. i've come to this conclusion because at least two of my children (still waiting to see about the 3rd) were apparently BORN IN A BARN! now i don't remember giving birth to any of them in a barn, but the process of childbirth does weird things to you and i've about 'laborland' that people enter while preparing to give birth and perhaps 'laborland' is actually a barn. they exhibit the characteristic behavior - the inability to shut doors. seriously, how hard is it to shut a door? very hard apparently. i couldn't possibly count how many flies are buzzing around in our house at any given time because of this. oh well, what we lack in the absence of disease-carrying insects we make up for in air circulation! right?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

what a day.

my daughter just walked in here with shane's bike helmet strapped onto her butt. what other odd things has she done today? well, other than the screaming fit she had next to the banana display at safeway (i can't even remember what that was about now - something shane was doing, probably)... yes, that's right, i went to the grocery store today. with my kids. and they're still alive. actually, that was the last of a string of errands i had to run, with all 3 kids. i had been dreading it all day, but knew it had to happen. first, i had to go to the library. i had books on hold there for me and i was unable to renew or place any further holds because my account was frozen. apparently, they do that when you owe more than $10 in fines. i see it kind of like paying a membership fee in order to use their books and movies and stuff. so after paying my fines and checking out my books (without any major tantrums or running away episodes, we got back in the car and headed to target. diapers are cheaper there than anywhere else, and although i also had to go to the grocery store, i refuse to buy diapers there. i also needed deodorant and big bandaids to stick on shane's 'leg' and his disgusting, quarter-sized wound that is the result of excessive scratching. lovely, huh? yes, we've seen the doctor about it and have a prescription ointment, but he's been unable to leave it alone long enough to get it healed. so we got some bandaids that have adhesive all the way around the pad and not just on the ends, so there's no accessibility for him to actually scratch it directly. we'll see if this helps. i'm starting to worry about that freaky, flesh-eating bacteria stuff. so from there we went to costco - but just to buy gas. no one had to get out of the car. well, i did. this isn't oregon. and from there, the most dreaded of our errands, safeway. but layla actually stayed in the cart(i actually originally wrote car, but my 'fantastic' husband found it and corrected it for me so no one would call cps) and actually sat the whole time. shocking! in fact, the only 'incident' was the banana display screaming fit. i quickly abandoned the idea that i should buy some bananas and got out of that area as quickly as possible. as we're heading to the next aisle, shane says to me, 'can we go get a cookie to calm her down?' what? are you kidding? yeah, that wasn't going to happen. i did, however, manage to distract her from her fit by asking her to select which kind of bunny crackers she wanted(yay, annie's naturals!) and that was the end of her unpleasantness. we managed to get through the rest of our shopping trip, even finding a good price on some steaks for dinner. yum! and got some potatoes that layla is super excited about. she loves potatoes. mashed, baked, french fried or chipped, she loves them. we made it through, i didn't have to kill anyone or leave any of my kids at the store, and i didn't feel nauseous by the time we checked out. i even pulled up to a clothing donation bin on the way home and dumped in a bag of clothes that have been floating around my van for like 2 weeks (yes, just weeks, not years). oh, and we managed to bring 2 bags of bags back to the store with us to stick in the recycling thing. and we remembered to bring them into the store and actually put them in the thing! wow. we were productive today!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

check out the ads!

so i've noticed something really funny since i added the google ads over there to the right. apparently they feed your sight with ads that are 'relavent' to your personal blog. so it's kind of funny to see what they think is relavent. there was one for alternative treatments of mastitis after my blog about the breast infection. and after the one about my birthday dinner which i had titled 'public restrooms' and a lengthy rant about bathroom stalls without doors, one showed up advertising toilet partition hardware. totally hilarious. i can't wait to see what else shows up! i think i might start giving my entries really outrageous titles just to see what they decide is relavent. so watch out. oh, and click on the ads - a lot. i can get paid for running them if enough people click on them.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

quote of the day

i forgot to add this yesterday. this is from dave, while in the shower.

"hey. my body wash has the word 'douche' on it."

Monday, July 21, 2008

public restrooms

why, oh why would you make a public restroom and not put doors on the stalls???

last night, dave and i got to go out for my birthday. we had a pretty good dinner at tgifridays... i say 'pretty good' because the service was a little bit lacking (and wasn't improved when our server dropped a tray of beverages on another customer), and my steak sandwich was next to impossible to eat. it was good, but weird and the bread wasn't big enough or strong enough to support what was on it. but i had a really big margarita, so that made up for it. you know, one of those margaritas that comes in a glass that's so big and heavy you have to use a straw or you feel like you're taking a swig out of a fish bowl every time you take a drink. so then we took a stroll through downtown kirkland and checked out the boats and stuff down at the marina. there were a lot of people and "accessory dogs" out. then we stopped off at ben and jerry's for an ice cream cone when we got a call from shane (the kids were home with my parents). dave saw that a call was coming in from my parents' phone and the conversation apparently went something like this:

dave: what did they do?
shane: hi dad.
dave: oh, hi shane.
shane: uh, where is the ice cream?
dave: it's gone. you guys ate it all this afternoon.
shane: oh.
dave: and why are you asking for ice cream when you already had it?
shane: uhhh.... (gives the phone to my mother)
mom: hi dave. shane said it was his night to have ice cream, but we couldn't find any.
dave: yeah, they finished the ice cream earlier today. and he doesn't have a night for ice cream.

so then we were headed back up to the car and at this point my gigantic margarita had kicked in and i decided to stop off at the restrooms by the baseball field. now, i don't generally go into an outdoor, parkside public restroom expecting much... but i do expect doors! but no, there were NO DOORS!! i walked in, realized this by the time i got to the first stall (which thankfully was empty) and, also realizing that there was someone in the last stall, i promptly walked back out. i was so apalled that i was going to leave. but i really had to pee and at that point the person who had been in the last stall had walked out and i figured that if i used the last stall and was really quick, i might get out before my use of a toilet became a spectator sport. fortunately, i was able to finish up in solitude and hurried on out (there was actually soap and paper towels - which i have come to consider a luxury in park restrooms). eeeewwww! we ended the night by doing some grocery shopping. i know, that doesn't sound like a very exciting thing to do while celebrating your birthday, but like i told dave, anytime i don't have to take my kids to the grocery store is a reason in itself to celebrate!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

hey jojo wha'da'ya say...

... we all want to know what you learned today. if you've got kids + disney channel, you probably recognize this. at the end of every episode, they ask jojo the clown what she learned and as she starts to tell, this song starts and chaos ensues while a stage is set up around her and finally ends as the spotlight shines on her and she tells everyone what she learned that day. so, what did i learn today?

1. rocks don't float in the bathroom sink. but if you put them in a small plastic cup, they do.
2. just when you thought that showering was bad enough as a team sport, it turns into a spectator sport as well.
3. 2 3rd grade boys can put on a pretty funny show in a trampoline. but i still don't know what a "to-a" is.
4. july 19th does not, apparently count as 'early july' to the people renovating the playground at grasslawn park.
5. my oldest son is a spider.
6. my youngest son is a fountain.
7. my daughter's ideal breakfast is coffee and broccoli.
8. and in the infamous words of shane, "they're doing this new thing on saturday mornings now where they show a bunch of cartoons."

Friday, July 18, 2008

birthday presents in action

shane and layla on the trampoline... yes, she had to jump in the princess dress. it's more fun that way, apparently.
dave and shane in the trampoline... bigger kids get bigger air!
layla w/ her new fishing set. she would get impatient if she couldn't catch a fish the right way immediately and she would grab it with her hand, stick it on the end of the fishing pole and then pull it right off again and put it in the bin, followed by, "i caught one!!!" well, sort of...
the 2nd hand car my parents found for her? where? i'm not sure. but she likes it. so does shane. he's found a way to play with it even though he's not allowed to drive it. so far he's strapped her tricycle to the top with bungee cords, attached the wagon to the back (also with bungee cords) to make a trailer, loaded up the 'cargo area' with 'stuff they might need', and pushed her all over the yard and neighborhood, calling on neighbors. can we say dennis the menace?
shane driving his new rc boat. the description on amazon called this a 'blazingly fast speed boat'. we knew that was the one for shane. this is at the bellevue downtown park. they have a great pond... i figured that would be a good place to try it out because if it got out of range or ran out of battery charge, it would be a small wade to rescue it, rather than having to jump in the lake.

layla's water table. micah likes it too. he's just started pulling up and this is the perfect height.
shane's fuzzy john deere taggy from gramma jackie. he hid as soon as he saw the camera.
layla's hsm taggy.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

the funniest ebay entry ever

in case you've somehow missed this in the past, i found it and figured i ought to post it here. make sure you're sitting on a towel (or a toilet) while you're reading this - especially if you've had a kid or two ;-).

just had to add this

i ran across this just now and i have to say that it's got to be the best baby poop/parenting crisis story i've heard so far. at least it puts all my stories to shame.

my blog is boring!!!

and everyone else's is too... with the exception of holly who just had a baby, so that's exciting in and of itself. so you'll notice i've taken to posting links to blogs of people i don't even know. i don't know what it is right now. it's like i have nothing interesting to say... at least not when i have a chance to sit and post it. i'll be walking around thinking about stuff i should write about, but then i can never remember it.

so... i guess i'll do a brief update. my boob is just fine now, thanks. layla's party went off without a hitch. had a ton of people and little kids here on sunday afternoon, although we spent a small fortune on food and decorations. i did end up cutting layla's hair... like 4 inches or something. yes, it was traumatic (for me), but she didn't mind a bit and doesn't scream nearly as much as she did when it's time to brush it. and i'm willing to admit that it does look pretty cute. micah is 9 months old today and now has his 4 top teeth as well as the 2 on the bottom and crawls for real... like on his hands and knees, not commando style anymore. he pulled up on the coffee table 2 days ago for the first time. so basically nothing is safe anymore. there are now the tell-tale stacks of magazines and other random junk that usually resides on the coffee table up on higher pieces of furniture now. what else... shane's party is next tuesday. darn summer birthdays; had to wait for his 2 best friends to be back from trips so they could actually come. he's having a pirate party. should be fun... and another small fortune on decor and food. i'm looking forward to the breadstick sword fights.

in other news... my parents have taken it upon themselves to turn our backyard into a playground... or maybe a 3 ring circus. for the kids' birthdays, they got them this:

and this:

and yesterday, they showed up with this, for my birthday: we are deciding if we really want it... the kids are lobbying to keep it... we probably will, i just don't want it to be a big hassle or added expense... and i'm a little afraid that the water won't get warm enough for the kids to want to use it enough to make it worth having it. it's 12' by 30", so wide, but not deep. hmm. decisions, decisions. if we do keep it, i'm just going to get an air mattress and float all day!

Monday, July 14, 2008

birthdays, birthdays...

this is my advice to everyone out there who has the possibility of more children in their future... don't have your kids in the same month! spread them out throughout the year! holy cow. we are one party down, one to go... and for some insane reason, i volunteered to host a playgroup on my birthday. not so bad, except that it has wound up that shane's party is the very next day. i've seriously considered chickening out on that, but am undecided. i think after this, we'll alternate years that shane and layla have parties. at least big to-do parties.

oh, and we forgot to go get the slurpees. :-(

i think i'm going back to bed. the kids are all still asleep!

Friday, July 11, 2008

july is a stressful month!

ahh. it's that time of year again. birthday season! 3/5 of our family was born in july. today is layla's birthday - tomorrow is shane's. and then mine's in a week or so, but who cares about that! this whole back-to-back birthday thing is quite the ordeal. and we're not actually even having parties on the actual birthdays! layla's party is on sunday which means that poor shane is going to have to deal with us running around and picking up supplies and cleaning up on his birthday. so fun! not to mention, we're such pathetic procrastinators, neither of the kids' presents will be here on their birthdays because we flaked on getting them ordered in time. actually, i thought i could find layla's in a store, but found out yesterday that that wasn't possible... so had to buy it online. grr... next year we'll be on top of it! (yeah, right.) we're off at some point today to pick up our free slurpees at 7-11. at least that's one cool thing that layla will always be able to count on on her birthday!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

finding God in the washing machine...

you know how every now and then, you're reminded that someone's looking out for you? it happened to me this morning and i had to laugh. last night, i threw a load of clothes in the washer before bed, as is my usual habit. this morning, as i was transferring them to the dryer, i found an empty package of dried fruit in the washer with the clothes. this isn't unusual for me, i have kids, so i find wrappers for all sorts of random things in the washer that i didn't manage to fish out of a pocket (usually shane's) but fortunately, everything is wrapped in plastic these days so stuff doesn't disintegrate in the wash. i pulled it out and didn't think much of it, and continued to put clothes in the dryer. about 2/3 of the way through the load, i noticed something stuck to the side of the washer, pulled it off and realized it was a rather re-hydrated chunk of dried fruit. upon pulling more clothes out of the washer, it became clear to me that this had not been and empty package of dried fruit, because the bottom of the washer was dotted with multi-colored chunks of not-so-dried fruit. i looked from that to the now full dryer, and realized that i was going to have to check all of those clothes because, although the fruit held up rather well through a wash cycle, i didn't imagine they would do so well in the dryer and that's the last thing i want permanently glued to an entire load of clothes, not to mention the inside of the dryer. (i think that might be worse than a clerical collar, mary!) so i took everything out and reloaded the dryer, shaking each item before putting it back in. i found 3 more pieces of fruit; one in a washrag, and two in underwear - one in dave's, one in mine... not sure what that says about our underwear... but i was very thankful to have found them and the whole thing made me smile.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

mastitis: my new least favorite thing.

oh yes, woo hoo, i have a breast infection! joy of joys, it seems that i somehow managed to come up with a clogged milk duct that rapidly became infected. it all happened rather quickly. on wednesday, i noticed a little minor soreness kind of under my left armpit, but didn't think much of it. thursday afternoon, while micah was napping, i felt a sore spot on said left side, this time, not so much in the armpit. within an hour, it had progressed from sore to excruciating and when micah woke up and i nursed him i wanted to scream. so by evening, dave told me to call our midwife - who else would we call. so long story short, this led to a trip to pcc, a dip in the tub, a couple of near vomiting episodes, a fever, chills, an eventual 3 hour trip to the ER in the middle of the night, 10 minutes with the doctor, and a prescription for antibiotics. i'll also mention that all three kids decided to wake up at 6:30 the next morning. so that pretty much took care of any 4th of july plans we had. yay! so fun! i highly recommend it! it's always a bonus if you can come up with it at night... especially the night before a holiday. makes things so much more convenient.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

how hard is it to find a calendar!?

very hard i guess. and i knew this. it's the same with purses and diaper bags. for some reason, i can never find exactly the right one. maybe it's because i don't exactly know what is exactly right. i spent at least 30 minutes today in borders, looking at calendars, and came home empty handed - finally giving up when my kids got bored with the extra huge selection of books on motorcycles, classic airplanes and muscle cars they had parked themselves in front of. (although layla had managed to keep herself fairly well entertained by the pocket guide to the kelley blue book... so if you want advice on buying or selling a used car, just ask her.)

so what is it i want? well, in all honesty, i want something that will instantly fix all the disorganized facets of my life. or basically, i want a miracle divided into months and weeks and days.

well, since it doesn't seem that God sells a calendar, my options seem to be limited to that which i have to implement myself. so do i want a wall calendar? a desk calendar? an engagement calendar? i can't seem to sort this out. i've been using google calendar on the computer and i like it all right, but i want something that i can put out for everyone to see. one of those family organizer calendars, but there are a lot of them, and while i've like aspects of all of them, none of them seems to have all of the things i want.

i like the wall calendars for the bigger writing space and the visibility of it. i like ones that have lines on the days (i hate writing on stuff without lines because it's always just a mess and that's what i'm trying to fix by having a calendar in the first place). i also like that you have a big picture of the whole month in front of you, rather than just the current week and it's easy to look ahead to the next month. a lot of the family calendars have places you can put in each family member. while this is nice, it presents two problems for me. first, what do you do when a family member has more than one engagement on a given day? or when there's an engagement that involves multiple family members? secondly, lots of those calendars run vertically from top to bottom, rather than laid out in horizontal weeks. i've tried that before and it screws me up. my brain is so trained to think of time in a horizontal fashion that i can never seem to figure out where i am in the week or month looking at one of those. so that's a no go.

i like engagement calendars for the convenience of being able to take it with you, so you always have your schedule when someone says, "can you do such and such on such and such date?" i also like that a lot of the family planners i was looking at today had perforated grocery lists and menu planners running down the sides of the pages. i'm a total menu planner (if for no other reason than i then know if the leftovers in the fridge are ok to eat or if they should be feared), and it would be awesome to have this right there with my schedule. and the tear out feature is great. however, in order for most of these planners to be functional for their intended use, they're kind of small to be a visible, central calendar for everyone to use as a reference. also, the ones i liked the best for other reasons, didn't have lines to write on on the days.

there were some bigger (letter size) planner types that were spiral bound and showed 2 weeks at a time, lines on the days, and a tear off portion on the sides, but it was kind of generic and i didn't like how they were laid out exactly. i did like that they were bigger and showed more than one week at a time...

i also want stickers. most of the ones that have the stickers i want are not with a calendar i want. but i figure i can always just get the flylady stickers and that should cover just about everything.

grrr... why is this so hard for me?

and where is the calendar that sends you an electric shock if you don't clean the bathroom because you just don't feel like it?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

hair dilemmas

can it be considered child abuse to keep your kid's hair long and have to brush it out while they are screaming and crying every day? i wonder this because, although i totally love layla's beautiful long hair, it's really hard to put her through something that is obviously not to her liking for what seems like a silly reason. it's not like she seems to have an opinion on the matter... other than she hates to have her hair combed. i don't think she is even aware that there could be another option, except maybe if i would just leave her the heck alone. i guess this is kind of a rhetorical question, and somewhat irrelevant since it seems i already know the answer to my query. i just hate to cut it.


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