Saturday, June 14, 2008

so... apparently i'm funny?

last night was the end of the year party for the MOMS club and it was a total blast. i didn't leave until after 11:30! that's pretty shocking for me, and i don't think i was yawning the whole time either. among other things, the festivities included awards for silly things like 'best dressed', 'best housekeeper', 'most organized' (obviously not me!), 'handiest', 'best cook', etc that are decided among the members by nomination. well, i won 'funniest'. it was a tie between kate and i and we each were awarded with a super cool headband with glow in the dark, bobbly hearts and metallic tassles on it, a pretend microphone, and a rubber chicken that we apparently had to share... neither of us went home with it. i didn't know i was that funny! go figure.

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