Wednesday, May 7, 2008


we're down another cup.

rewind about 4 or so days. i realized as i was putting dishes away that the short purple sippy cup was MIA. i checked the fridge, the dining room table area, layla's bed and other likely hiding spots to no avail...

fast forward to today, high noon. i'm sitting on the couch feeding micah some smooshy bananas and cereal when i suddenly get a whiff of something foul. so i do the requisite baby butt sniff; negative. layla, did you fart?; negative. what is that smell?

i made the determination that it was coming from the general viscinity of the couch, so i start picking up cushions, waiting to find some sort of nasty food substance that had been stashed. all i found was a few innocent crumbs and a small black craft pompom. so i decided to look under the couch.

bingo. short purple sippy cup accounted for. the cup is transparent enough for me to know that i did NOT want to open it. of course it was on it's side and had dribbled it's putrescence onto the carpet. gross! so i moved the couch, dampened the area, and sprinkled baking soda all over it. i'll vacuum it later and maybe go for some vinegar if it still stinks!

sigh... now that i think of it, i do remember walking in this morning and thinking something stunk. i figured i just needed to take out the trash and lit a candle...

i think there's a theme here, holly.

1 comment:

  1. At least you found yours. Ours is still MIA.




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