Saturday, May 3, 2008

brownies for breakfast

i love brownies. i went through a BIG brownie binge right before micah was born (as my MOMS club friends can attest to) and i ate them all the time. there were always brownies in the house (unless i had eaten them all). the other day i suddenly got a major hankering for brownies again so yesterday when i was doing my grocery shopping i picked up a box. i couldn't find the ones i really wanted, with the little peanut butter cups in them. yum. but i got the kind with the chocolate chunks... almost as good.

the thing that i think is so great about having brownies in the house is being able to cut out a chunk and eat it for breakfast. brownies, first thing in the morning are so great! well, almost first thing. i think my stomach would implode if something other than coffee hit it first. i have to be sneaky though. it's kind of a challenge to keep the kids from seeing me eating brownies. i wouldn't want them to think that brownies are an acceptable breakfast! i'm such a hypocrite! and i love it!

1 comment:

  1. The baby is kicking up a storm just thinking about all that chocolate for breakfast! (or maybe it's the chocolate milk I had before the boys woke up.)



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