Monday, May 5, 2008

before i forget...

this is kind of for my own purposes, but you might find it cute. i always mean to write the things down that my kids say before they quit saying it that way and i forget. you know, mispronounciations and cute little 'isms' that are unique to your child. layla recently has abandoned a couple of my favorites, so i thought i should make sure i wrote them down before i totally forget about it. there's a few of shane's as well.

'watty' = water "i want some watty."
'bapples' = apples "bapple juice."
'prommo' = problem "i got a prommo."
'zusic' = music
'naken' = naked "i naken!!!" (said with much enthusiasm.)
'hairplane' = airplane "i'm going to go on a hairplane to go see lily."

i'm sure there are more that i just can't think of right now.

a few of shane's that i still remember...

'skabetti' = spaghetti
'shamine' = machine
'amn't' = aren't (although it makes more sense the way he said it since it's a contraction of am and not) "i sure am funny, amn't i?"

i was really sad to hear the 'shamines' go... he was so excited when he had a special cake for his 4th birthday with road building 'shamines' on it. he picked it out at the store and came home all excited that he got a 'shamine cake'.

i wonder what micah will come up with.

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  1. The one I remember from Joey was "soosish"= sandwich. I had to make sure the babysitters knew this before I left the house, otherwise, there were issues. Makcenzie I swear came out talking like an adult. Joel has had some good ones, but my favorite is "grabage" = garbage.



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