Tuesday, May 13, 2008

another week, another top 5

5. my countertop kitchen compost crock from gardener's supply company. mine's the red one, of course. i went searching for something like this to contain the kitchen scraps (other than a bowl or tupperware container) that was mildly attractive, covered, and didn't attract fruit flies. you can imagine how excited i got when i saw there was a red one. i actually got this a few months ago, but never got around to mentioning it in the blog. well, here it is.

4. kenji johjima. i never thought the mariners would have a catcher i liked as much as dan wilson... well, i like this one. yes, he's been in a bit of a slump, but how about last night's top of the 9th, 2 out, 3-run homerun to tie the game??? sure, they still lost, but kenji rocks!

3. fred meyer stores. for those of you living outside of the northwest, you're really missing out. imagine a target or a walmart, but with slightly nicer stuff, and mostly brand name products as opposed to the store brands. i especially like it because my dad retired from fred meyer and gets a lifetime employee discount of like 20% on clothing and shoes and 10% on grocery items that are the fred meyer or kroger brand! whoo hoo! and they have a nice natural food section that has good organic products and natural toiletries/cleaning products, etc.

2. biokleen dishwasher gel. this is my favorite dishwasher detergent. it has this great orange scent so when the dishwasher is running it makes the kitchen smell good - not like bad chemicals or perfumes. oh, and it gets the dishes clean!

1. pedicures. need i say more? i got to treat myself to one for mother's day on sunday. this is my favorite indulgence. there were several mothers and daughters in the salon together when i was there... i can't wait until layla is old enough to go with me! i was going to post a picture of my actual foot, but there's something funky up with our camera and/or computer and it wouldn't upload... maybe later. just fyi, my toes are dark red w/ a flower on each big toe!


  1. Wow, look at me starting a trend! And Kenji does rock, but he's still no Dan Wilson...but I'll still take him. And joy of joy's, I got to indulge in a pedicure myself yesterday, and they do rock!

  2. And to think I was just getting ready to e-mail and ask you about your counter-top composting crock. You mind reader, you!



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