Wednesday, May 21, 2008

another top 5

1. adjustable waistbands. whoever invented this is brilliant! i love these things. i can actually get pants that stay up on my kids!!! i almost wish they had them for adults - i have such a hard time finding pants that fit in the waist and the butt at the same time.

2. yes, this is a repeat, but it's more of an update because these are the robeez baby shoes that micah has now since his fire truck ones got too small. dave picked these out and i got them on ebay for like $13.50...

3. yup, ebay. like i said, i got micah's shoes there recently and i love getting a bargain. i'm going to put his old ones up and see if i can't get something out of them. i could so easily be an ebay junkie.

4. adidas deoderant. i'm always searching for a good deoderant since it seems that as soon as i find one i like, it quits working. i need to mix it up i guess. i decided to try this one and so far, i'm impressed. it also doesn't have any of the aluminum stuff in it that gives you alzheimer's. who knows what the other stuff does. oh well, everything will kill you one way or the other, right? at least i'll smell good.

5. our doctor's office, pediatric associates in bellevue. these guys are great and it's so easy to get an appointment. you can always get your kid in the same day. not always with your doctor, but i've liked pretty much all of the doctors on their staff. they have like 5 locations in the area too.

Friday, May 16, 2008

how to use a bathroom scale...

so this is a lovely little IM conversation that i was having with dave today. he was at work, i was at home. he bought this fancy schmancy scale yesterday that not only weighs you, it tells you your body fat and body water percentages... also makes great fries. i can't figure the darn thing out, and that's basically what sparked this conversation. he insisted i blog it....

Rachel says:
i can't figure out the scale. i tried to get on it this morning, and layla wanted to get on it. but it just keeps cycling through the preset age and heights. but won't weigh.

Dave says:
just pull the scale out from the wall...step on it slightly, then when you see something on the screen, step on it

Rachel says:
ok. you don't have to turn it on?

Dave says:
the on/off button is only for the body fat/water feature

Rachel says:
ok. so how do you make that work? like i know you turn it on for 3 seconds and then go up to your preset #, but then what??

Dave says:
then you stand on it...I the manual

Rachel says:
that's what you're for.

Dave says:
well, I haven't fully explored it

Rachel says:
you read the stuff, figure it out and then explain it to me.. that way i don't have to.

Rachel says:
it's a huge time-saver

Dave says:

Dave says:
I could have just gotten the 6 dollar scale with the analog readout

Rachel says:
yeah, i know how to use those

Rachel says:
1. pee, undress, exhale, pray.

Rachel says:
2. step on, while stretching upward, as if to help your weight evaporate.

Rachel says:
3. look down at the #s w/ one eye shut.

Rachel says:
4. gasp.

Rachel says:
5. swear at the damn thing.

Rachel says:
6. throw out window and disregard any bad news. it was a stupid cheap scale anyway and doesn't know what it's talking about.

Dave says:
where did you get that from

Rachel says:
my head

Dave says:
you just made that up?

Rachel says:

Dave says:
you should blog that

Rachel says:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

another week, another top 5

5. my countertop kitchen compost crock from gardener's supply company. mine's the red one, of course. i went searching for something like this to contain the kitchen scraps (other than a bowl or tupperware container) that was mildly attractive, covered, and didn't attract fruit flies. you can imagine how excited i got when i saw there was a red one. i actually got this a few months ago, but never got around to mentioning it in the blog. well, here it is.

4. kenji johjima. i never thought the mariners would have a catcher i liked as much as dan wilson... well, i like this one. yes, he's been in a bit of a slump, but how about last night's top of the 9th, 2 out, 3-run homerun to tie the game??? sure, they still lost, but kenji rocks!

3. fred meyer stores. for those of you living outside of the northwest, you're really missing out. imagine a target or a walmart, but with slightly nicer stuff, and mostly brand name products as opposed to the store brands. i especially like it because my dad retired from fred meyer and gets a lifetime employee discount of like 20% on clothing and shoes and 10% on grocery items that are the fred meyer or kroger brand! whoo hoo! and they have a nice natural food section that has good organic products and natural toiletries/cleaning products, etc.

2. biokleen dishwasher gel. this is my favorite dishwasher detergent. it has this great orange scent so when the dishwasher is running it makes the kitchen smell good - not like bad chemicals or perfumes. oh, and it gets the dishes clean!

1. pedicures. need i say more? i got to treat myself to one for mother's day on sunday. this is my favorite indulgence. there were several mothers and daughters in the salon together when i was there... i can't wait until layla is old enough to go with me! i was going to post a picture of my actual foot, but there's something funky up with our camera and/or computer and it wouldn't upload... maybe later. just fyi, my toes are dark red w/ a flower on each big toe!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


we're down another cup.

rewind about 4 or so days. i realized as i was putting dishes away that the short purple sippy cup was MIA. i checked the fridge, the dining room table area, layla's bed and other likely hiding spots to no avail...

fast forward to today, high noon. i'm sitting on the couch feeding micah some smooshy bananas and cereal when i suddenly get a whiff of something foul. so i do the requisite baby butt sniff; negative. layla, did you fart?; negative. what is that smell?

i made the determination that it was coming from the general viscinity of the couch, so i start picking up cushions, waiting to find some sort of nasty food substance that had been stashed. all i found was a few innocent crumbs and a small black craft pompom. so i decided to look under the couch.

bingo. short purple sippy cup accounted for. the cup is transparent enough for me to know that i did NOT want to open it. of course it was on it's side and had dribbled it's putrescence onto the carpet. gross! so i moved the couch, dampened the area, and sprinkled baking soda all over it. i'll vacuum it later and maybe go for some vinegar if it still stinks!

sigh... now that i think of it, i do remember walking in this morning and thinking something stunk. i figured i just needed to take out the trash and lit a candle...

i think there's a theme here, holly.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

top 5 once again

5. microfiber cleaning cloths. i got a couple of these the other day for quick dusting and touching up the bathroom mirrors, etc. they're pretty cool. i did both bathroom mirrors and the windows in my living and dining room with just a damp cloth. no lint, no windex. i'm sold!

4. my local library. this area is blessed with a great library system. you can get any book you can dream of. if they don't have it at yours, they'll get it from another one in the system and send it to the library of your choice. i do all of my 'librarying' online because their website is so easy to use. i browse for books i want, place holds, renew books, etc. they email you when your books are in. if you don't use this service, you're crazy! our library rocks!

3. tully's. i love tully's coffee. i cannot express how much i look forward to 'heathen coffee' on sundays... especially now that we don't have to contend with the 'cranky old lady'. they make great caramel machiattos (or as gregg would call it, 'candy coffee').

2. robeez baby shoes. i know, this is so trendy i almost make myself sick. but they're so cute. these are the ones micah has right now, but they're getting too small. i think we're going for the baseball ones next. the don't fall off, and they are soft and not bulky, but they still look like shoes and not booties or glorified socks. i don't like putting rubber soled shoes on babies who aren't going to be using them to walk on, but some outfits don't look complete unless you've got shoes on. this is a good compromise.

1. pemco insurance company. no, i don't think they sell spectacular insurance or anything... we actually have state farm. but pemco has these hilarious ads lately that poke fun at northwest cliches... something i'm always a big fan of - usually because i can relate! check them out. they're totally funny!

Monday, May 5, 2008

before i forget...

this is kind of for my own purposes, but you might find it cute. i always mean to write the things down that my kids say before they quit saying it that way and i forget. you know, mispronounciations and cute little 'isms' that are unique to your child. layla recently has abandoned a couple of my favorites, so i thought i should make sure i wrote them down before i totally forget about it. there's a few of shane's as well.

'watty' = water "i want some watty."
'bapples' = apples "bapple juice."
'prommo' = problem "i got a prommo."
'zusic' = music
'naken' = naked "i naken!!!" (said with much enthusiasm.)
'hairplane' = airplane "i'm going to go on a hairplane to go see lily."

i'm sure there are more that i just can't think of right now.

a few of shane's that i still remember...

'skabetti' = spaghetti
'shamine' = machine
'amn't' = aren't (although it makes more sense the way he said it since it's a contraction of am and not) "i sure am funny, amn't i?"

i was really sad to hear the 'shamines' go... he was so excited when he had a special cake for his 4th birthday with road building 'shamines' on it. he picked it out at the store and came home all excited that he got a 'shamine cake'.

i wonder what micah will come up with.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

brownies for breakfast

i love brownies. i went through a BIG brownie binge right before micah was born (as my MOMS club friends can attest to) and i ate them all the time. there were always brownies in the house (unless i had eaten them all). the other day i suddenly got a major hankering for brownies again so yesterday when i was doing my grocery shopping i picked up a box. i couldn't find the ones i really wanted, with the little peanut butter cups in them. yum. but i got the kind with the chocolate chunks... almost as good.

the thing that i think is so great about having brownies in the house is being able to cut out a chunk and eat it for breakfast. brownies, first thing in the morning are so great! well, almost first thing. i think my stomach would implode if something other than coffee hit it first. i have to be sneaky though. it's kind of a challenge to keep the kids from seeing me eating brownies. i wouldn't want them to think that brownies are an acceptable breakfast! i'm such a hypocrite! and i love it!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

layla's latest

i forgot to put this one in yesterday, but since i mentioned it at the meeting this morning, i should probably post it...

yesterday morning i was in the shower and i became aware of the fact that layla had gotten up (i heard her unmistakably 'fast feet' cruising up and down the hall a few times). a minute later, she came in the bathroom, pulled back the shower curtain and said to me, "be careful, mommy!" and then ran out of the bathroom.


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