Saturday, April 26, 2008

aren't saturdays supposed to be for sleeping in???

certain boys have caused me to be awake and out of bed at this ridiculous hour on a saturday morning... i've actually been awake since 4:30 when boy #2 decided to wake up and not go back to sleep. it was around that time that i heard boy #1 in the other room talking. when i asked why he was talking, he said he couldn't sleep and he'd been up ALL NIGHT. i assured him that was an exaggeration and told him to go back to sleep. he didn't, and an hour later, ended up in my bed. turns out he's 'too excited about going fishing'. today is apparently the opening day of lake fishing and he and wyatt get to go out in the boat with ron this morning and do some fishing. i finally got up at like 5:45 when micah got noisy. poor dave still is planning to go to work this morning... at least it won't be hard to get out of bed.

well... at least layla isn't up!

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