Wednesday, March 12, 2008

follow ups

first of all, i'm happy to report that we have officially 'won' the rights to assemble at tully's between aprox. 9:50 and 10:35am on sunday mornings. the last few times we've been there and the 'cranky old lady' was there, she packed up and left as soon as we arrived. woo hoo! i feel like i'm in some 1950's high school gang and we've established our 'turf'. at any rate, life is much more pleasant when you can enjoy your heathen coffee without the fear of being yelled at if your children happen to be acting like children.

next, micah's potty usage is going well, but has taken an unexpected turn. last night (and by last night i mean the night i'm currently in, since it isn't yet 6am and we've been awake for an hour and a half or more), he apparently decided that he wanted to use the potty in the night. not really what i had planned. of course i could be overthinking this and just assuming erroneously that that's what he wanted. but when he woke up to eat sometime in the 1:00 hour, i pulled him into bed and tried to feed him but he was doing this weird jumping up and down move and wouldn't eat. so i thought i maybe should change him. i brought him out to the living room and his diaper was barely wet. in the back of my head i was thinking that maybe he wanted to pee (since the books have indicated that babies will want to stay dry at night and i'm just wingin' it here) so i took him in to the bathroom and sat him on the potty. he immediately peed. i put a new diaper on him, brought him back to bed and he nursed like normal and fell back asleep. a few hours later, he woke up again (no, unfortunately this isn't an unusual occurance at this point), and i tried to feed him again, but he refused and did the jumping up and down thing again while fussing. so i obliged by taking him to the potty where he peed immediately again and then settled back down to nurse. only this time he must have figured it was time to be up because he didn't go back to sleep. grrr. not sure what to think here. but i caught 3 poops yesterday and most of his pees so i guess that's good. who knows. i'm just figuring it out here.

other updates... layla continues to be neurotic about pooping, but less so for dave (go figure). no one is currently puking (knock on wood), and my house is less of a mess than usual, but far from clean! ;-)

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