Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ahhhh, the imagination of a 2 year old!

i totally love the random stuff layla comes up with. today as i was reading a book to her before her nap, she stops me in the middle of a page and says, "i want to be a butterfly." it's not like it was in any way related, we were reading the little engine that could. so i stop and we talk about it for a minute and she continues to tell me that she wants all the rest of us to be butterflies too. so i ask her what we would do if we were butterflies, thinking she would say something about flying, or looking for flowers, but no, she says, "we'll paint!" okay... then she says that she wants grandpa to be a butterfly too, and then we'll be butterflies in a tree... a brown tree. sure, why not? after that, she was done with the butterfly thought and i finished the book. the great thing about it is that she's totally serious! wouldn't it be great to be able to come up with stuff like that, and not have that stupid grown-up filter in your head that tells you that you can't really do that? i certainly wasn't going to spoil her fun.


well, i think that layla has FINALLY decided that pooping is okay! for almost a week now, she has been pooping regularly with no major fuss! it's almost like she's a normal child!! she'll actually say the words, 'i want to go poop' and when you take her she won't say, NONONONO and scream and cry and dance around, she'll sit on the potty and go!!! not only that, she's gone at a restaurant and at a friend's house! i cannot express what a relief this is!!!!!!!!!!! whoo hoo!

and i swear, this will be my last blog about poop!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

follow ups

first of all, i'm happy to report that we have officially 'won' the rights to assemble at tully's between aprox. 9:50 and 10:35am on sunday mornings. the last few times we've been there and the 'cranky old lady' was there, she packed up and left as soon as we arrived. woo hoo! i feel like i'm in some 1950's high school gang and we've established our 'turf'. at any rate, life is much more pleasant when you can enjoy your heathen coffee without the fear of being yelled at if your children happen to be acting like children.

next, micah's potty usage is going well, but has taken an unexpected turn. last night (and by last night i mean the night i'm currently in, since it isn't yet 6am and we've been awake for an hour and a half or more), he apparently decided that he wanted to use the potty in the night. not really what i had planned. of course i could be overthinking this and just assuming erroneously that that's what he wanted. but when he woke up to eat sometime in the 1:00 hour, i pulled him into bed and tried to feed him but he was doing this weird jumping up and down move and wouldn't eat. so i thought i maybe should change him. i brought him out to the living room and his diaper was barely wet. in the back of my head i was thinking that maybe he wanted to pee (since the books have indicated that babies will want to stay dry at night and i'm just wingin' it here) so i took him in to the bathroom and sat him on the potty. he immediately peed. i put a new diaper on him, brought him back to bed and he nursed like normal and fell back asleep. a few hours later, he woke up again (no, unfortunately this isn't an unusual occurance at this point), and i tried to feed him again, but he refused and did the jumping up and down thing again while fussing. so i obliged by taking him to the potty where he peed immediately again and then settled back down to nurse. only this time he must have figured it was time to be up because he didn't go back to sleep. grrr. not sure what to think here. but i caught 3 poops yesterday and most of his pees so i guess that's good. who knows. i'm just figuring it out here.

other updates... layla continues to be neurotic about pooping, but less so for dave (go figure). no one is currently puking (knock on wood), and my house is less of a mess than usual, but far from clean! ;-)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

further endeavors in potty training...

so layla has had some minor impovement since my last rant. she did finally poop that day, and in the potty, which is always ideal. yesterday she actually pooped twice, which is totally unheard of for her! she's been eating a lot of dried fruit lately. maybe in increase in frequency will help her get over her issues more quickly. that would be best for everyone involved.
layla's pottying issues, along with those of many other toddlers and preschoolers i've encountered over the years, have gotten me thinking about the whole potty training process in general. i have a tendency to think of things anthropologically, and when encountering a typical problem in the natural, universal flow of life, i begin to wonder how the rest of the world does it. i've always been one to question the status quo, especially when 'the way we've always done it' doesn't seem to be all that effective. or at least it's leaving something to be desired.
over a year ago, i stumbled upon a book called 'diaper free: the gentle wisdom of natural infant hygiene' while browsing in a bookstore. the sheer impossibility of the title's implication intrigued me (as things like that ususally do) so i picked it up and leafed through it, but didn't really gather too much info at the time. the idea of a diaper free baby really left me with only one thought; gross! but since then, the actual subject of the book, and several others like it, has floated across my plate several times. 'elimination communication' or EC is actually a fairly common practice in many cultures and it is growing in popularity in certain circles even here the 'we love everything disposable' usa. basically, the idea is not so much that you let your baby run around without a diaper and poop all over everything, but rather you get them used to using the toilet much sooner than is generally thought of as the right time to potty train, even from birth. true, some people take the extreme end of the spectrum and never put their babies in diapers, but there's room for much more flexibility than just that. it also involves learning to read your baby's signals that he wants to go.
so i got a book and started thinking about the possibility of not having to put micah through what is obviously very stressful for layla. i was very skeptical and didn't figure it would really work for us and thought that after 4 months, if micah was giving me any signals, i was sure not receptive to them. but i sheepishly decided to try one evening, to stick him on the potty and see what happened. ABOUT 2 SECONDS LATER, HE ACTUALLY PEED! i was astounded, but figured it was a fluke. so the next morning after he woke up and i was taking his diaper off of him anyway, i sat him on it again, and he peed! WOW! so i decided to read a little more of this crazy book and see what was really involved. i put him in a cloth diaper without the cover so i would be able to tell easily if he was wet or dry and a long sleeve t-shirt for convenience. later that morning, i was changing him after he had slept awhile and decided to see if we could make it 3 times. HE POOPED!!!! i #@!* you not! so i was getting more and more convinced that this might actually be a possibility. i read basically the rest of the book and figured it was pretty much common sense at the beginning and apparently a lot of EC'd babies are completely out of diapers by their first birthday (and able to get themselves to the potty on their own or at least able to tell you to take them there). so in the last 3 days, i've caught a lot of pees and 3 or 4 poops. he does have a few signals that i've been able to pick up on, but that part is still a little fuzzy for me.
i know you're all thinking, 'here's another one of rachel's crazy ideas!' maybe it is. maybe it isn't. so, no, i'm not exacly trying to potty train my 4 month old, i think that sounds kind of pretentious. i'm just trying to catch as many as i can and if we can get rid of diapers sooner rather than later, woo hoo! if not, i figure at least we can avoid the neuroses that so commonly accompany typical potty training. i'll keep you posted.


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