Monday, February 4, 2008


so this is mostly aimed at mary, but anyone can feel free to participate because i think it's kinda funny.

i got 'tagged' by innocently reading a friend's blog, so now i feel compelled to comply.

Find the closest 123-page or longer book to you and turn to page 123. (No cheating!) Find the first five sentences, then post the next three sentences.

okay, so the closest book would be the soundtransit 'ready to ride transit guide', but i'll spare you that... what's next... from 'child honoring: how to turn this world around', raffi cavoukian, sharna olfman; editors:

to illustrate this, here is one afrikan story. once upon a time there was an old man who wanted to have a monopoly of knowledge. he collected all the valuable knowledge, skills, and wisdom in the village, put them in a calabash (gourd), and tightly corked it.

well, that was a bit random, but i think that's the point. have fun!


  1. Got the tag...I will do it when I have a book sitting next to me.
    ps. did you cut your hair again? I saw the pic of you and Micah and it looks way short...

  2. yeah, i cut it a couple weeks ago. say, how do you get your picture all little and in the corner of your 'about you' section. i can't figure it out.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.



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