Monday, February 18, 2008

nice weather? is it really february?

so it completely cracks me up how people are around here when the sun comes out. and i'm not exempt from this either, so i'm making fun of myself as much as everyone else, although i'm not the lady in a tank top that i saw at the gas station. hello? 55 isn't exactly a tropical paradise! at any rate, pale, pasty seattleites crawled squinting out of the woodwork yesterday and could be found in all areas of 'the outdoors' working in their yards, biking, playing family games of football or frisbee, or doing what we did... playing at the park! after some yardwork, we met up with the hakalas at marymoor. it was awfully nice to be outside for a change and not dodging raindrops or shivering as you watch your breath rise like some sort of sacrificial incense to the gods of winter. shane and sean did some biking and tree climbing, while layla and robin enjoyed the playground. layla and i went on a fruitless search for ducks, but did see some well-fed park squirrels, about a million robins and then stomped on mole hills on the way back. we finished up with dinner at las margarita's which could have been better, but shane was a little under the weather (i think he was coming down with a cold), and layla had vetoed her afternoon nap, so she was very cranky. but it was still good - (and no puking this time, trudy!).


  1. I have to say that I am envious of the weather! Think of me, slipping and sliding across the sheets of ice in the backyard! Anywho, hopefully it will come this way eventually.

  2. I love the pics of Micah...he is so cute!



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