Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cranky Old Ladies

i don't have any pictures to go with this, so it'll just be me ranting. i am totally baffled by how rude and inconsiderate some people can be, for no apparent reason. today during the sunday school hour, we and the hakalas went to tully's for our sunday morning ritual, 'heathen coffee'. we sip coffee and layla and robin play, micah usually sleeps. today when we were coming in, layla ran past an elderly lady who proceeded to start yelling at dave to 'control your child'. hello? do you have no experience at all with small children? so dave apologizes profusely to her and then conspicuously lectures layla about not running in there and watching out for people. then the lady comes over to me (we had unknowingly chosen a table right next to the one she was apparently sitting at, although she was standing elsewhere when layla ran past her). having just come in, micah was in his car seat, which i had set on the floor near our table while taking off my coat and layla's and getting her settled. so she walks right up to me, points at micah's car seat and says, 'you better get that out of there. you can't just put that in the middle of the aisles'. astonished, i muttered okay, and moved the seat closer to the table. gregg speaks up at this point and says that we'll take care of it. but she still wasn't done! then she says to him, 'well i don't want to fall over it and it's in the middle of the floor.' so i scooted it so close that it was touching the table, and gregg says, 'well now you know where it is, so it's okay.' and she gets all disgusted and finishes with, 'well i'm an old lady and i don't want to fall over.' so she goes and sits down and reads the paper until she leaves by walking out a completely different way that didn't go anywhere near micah's car seat. totally unbelievable. at any rate, i hope she feels better, having yelled at us, for no other reason that i can see, than for having children. good grief!

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